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Writing Dialogue

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Writing Dialogue - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing Dialogue
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  1. Writing Dialogue (and internal monologue)

  2. Why write dialogue • Information about a character’s background, social status, and education. • What the character is thinking • Advance the plot • Build up dramatic tension

  3. Example… She looked sadly off in the distance. “I realized nothing I do will ever be good enough. I just want my mom to love me - ” Kelly stopped, choking on the words. Jane watched her friend, not knowing what to do or say. Finally, she hugged her friend tightly. “You don’t ever have to prove yourself to me.” Kelly wiped a tear away. “I know…I’m just tired of trying…”

  4. Formats to use: • Dashes (-) to show sudden break in thought or interruption • Ellipses (…) to show faltering speech or pause • Tab (new paragraph) when a new person is speaking • Double quotation marks vs. single quotation marks.

  5. Now you try! • Look at your photograph/mental snapshot. What sort of dialogue will you be having?

  6. Internal Monologue • Writers use interior monologue to get inside their characters (and in this case, that would be you and the people involved with your memory) to reveal THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.

  7. Interior Monologue Format • It is suggested that you use italics to highlight a character’s internal thoughts. I wonder if she ever loved me, Brad thought to himself. There was a knot in his stomach as he walked up to the door.

  8. You try! • Look at your photograph/memory again. What thoughts were racing through your head as your were experiencing your memory?