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Lesson 2 The Paparazzi PowerPoint Presentation
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Lesson 2 The Paparazzi

Lesson 2 The Paparazzi

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Lesson 2 The Paparazzi

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  1. Lesson 2 The Paparazzi

  2. Tell us What do you know about the paparazzi?

  3. They take photographs of famous people’s private lives.

  4. You will hear these words in the radio programme you are going to listen to. Match these words with their definitions 1. analyse 2. arise 3. blame 4. willing 5. self-employed 6. legal 7. attempt 8. defend 9. argument 10. process 11. profit in favour of

  5. a) begin to happen b) allowed by law c) prepared to do something d) examine or think about something carefully in order to understand it e) do something in order to protect someone from being attacked arise legal willing analyse defend

  6. attempt be in favour of process profit argument self-employed blame f) try to do something g) agree with or support h) a series of events i) money made from doing business j) reason k) working for yourself l) say that someone is responsible for something bad

  7. Now listen to the radio programme and complete the notes which summarise Dr Lindbrow’s words.

  8. 1. The paparazzi are self-employed _____________. 2. The _____ is often blamed for encouraging the paparazzi. 3. Nowadays, selling photographs of famous people has become __________. 4. The British law says that it is ____ to take photographs of famous people in public. photographers media big business legal

  9. 5. The paparazzi sometimes risk breaking the ___ to take photos which they can sell for good ______. 6. Since Princess Diana’s death in 1997, a lot of people’s attitudes have changed and more and more people dislike the ________ and what they do. law profits paparazzi

  10. According to Dr Lindbrow, which of the following attempts of the paparazzi is probably not legal? 1. Pretending to be a repair man to get into the house of a film star and take picture of her daily life. 2. Hiring a helicopter to take pictures of the film star’s big house from the air.

  11. 3. Hiding in the bush outside the film star’s house to take pictures of her when she comes out. 4. Renting a speed boat to take pictures of the film star on the beach. None of them is legal.

  12. Voice your opinion What do you think of the argument that taking photographs of famous people is part of new reporting? Do you agree? Why or why not?

  13. Listen to the discussion between Katy and James. Which of them expresses these opinions? 1. The media should respect famous people’s privacy. 2. Famous people shouldn’t complain when the paparazzi follow them. Katy James

  14. 3. The media is getting worse and worse. 4. There is too much violence on TV nowadays. 5. The government should control TV programmes to protect children. Katy James and Katy Katy

  15. Look at the Function File and try to complete the expressions with words: can’t, may, completely, against, in favour, personally, right, totally, seems, true, afraid, don’t

  16. Opinions, agreement and disagreement 1. _________, I think that’s her problem. 2. I mean, it _____ to me that … 3. Well , in my ______ , this shows … 4. Personally, I am ______ too much control. 5. I’m ________ of some kind of control. Personally seems opinion against in favour

  17. 6. That’s ___ , but … 7. You ____ be right, but … 8. I agree. You’re ____, there’s … 9. I ______ agree. 10. I _________ disagree. 11. I’m _____ you’re wrong. 12. I’m afraid I ____ agree with you. 13. I _____ agree. true may right totally completely afraid can’t don’t

  18. Listen again and check your answers. Which expressions above show strong agreement or disagreement?

  19. Listen to four sentences from the radio programme again. How many words are there in each sentence? Contractions count as two words. 2. 12 words 3. 14 words 4. 10 words

  20. Listen again and write down all the words. Which important words are stressed? Repeat the sentences. 1. Tonight we’re going to analyse the problem of the paparazzi. 2. A lot of people blame the media for encouragement of the paparazzi.

  21. 3. It is legal to take photographs of famous people if they are in public. 4. But I know there are people who defend the paparazzi.

  22. Writing and Speaking Look at the opinions in Exercise 6. Decide if you agree or disagree with them.

  23. Write notes with your opinions about these things: a) the quality of TV programmes b) control of TV programmes c) famous people, privacy and the media

  24. In pairs, use your notes to discuss your opinions of the media.

  25. Homework Finish the Exercise 12.