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Joan Miro
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Joan Miro

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  1. Joan Miro Spanish Surrealist Painter and Sculptor

  2. Who is Joan Miro? • Joan Miro was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1893. • In 1920 he moved to Paris where his artwork was influenced by poets and writers.

  3. What kind of artwork did he make? • His style is described as surreal. • He was influenced by cubism and expressionism. He painted what he felt, using a lot of lines and color.

  4. What are we doing today? • We will look at some more of Miro’s artwork and create self-portraits using line and color! • Let’s check out some of the people Miro has painted and think about how we can make ours!

  5. How can you tell it’s a person? It’s abstract! He uses lines and colors to make this look like a person.

  6. How about this guy? He looks kind of goofy, but it still looks like a person! How would you make one of these?

  7. Woah! Look at that! It doesn’t have a face, but it has a body that looks human.

  8. There are multiple figures in this one! Miro created this painting of a woman and a cat. He used lots of lines and bright colors!

  9. Even more abstract! This one only has some human features. There are so many possibilities of what you can do!

  10. Wait a second… this isn’t a person! No, it’s not. This is a picture of a dog, but you already knew that, didn’t you? How could we tell what it was?

  11. Another animal! What kind of crazy animal is this? How does Miro use line and color?

  12. What are you going to create? • Make a self-portait influenced by Miro! • Start with pencil, using line and when you’re done, trace in permanent marker! • Make boxes or separate areas so you know where color will go! • Then we will paint with watercolor!