the colonization of georgia n.
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The Colonization of Georgia

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The Colonization of Georgia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Colonization of Georgia. EQ: Why did England create Georgia as the 13 th colony? SS8H2: Students will analyze the colonial period of Georgia’s history. What people do I need to know?.

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the colonization of georgia

The Colonization of Georgia

EQ: Why did England create Georgia as the 13th colony?

SS8H2: Students will analyze the colonial period of Georgia’s history.

what people do i need to know
What people do I need to know?
  • James Edward Oglethorpe-founder of the colony; wrote the charter of 1732 asking permission from the King
  • Robert Castell-Oglethorpe’s friend who died in prison and designed the city of Savannah
  • King George II-King of England
  • Chief Tomochichi-the leader of the Yamacraw Indians who became friends with Oglethorpe
  • Mary Musgrove-the Indian interpreter for Oglethorpe
georgia becomes a colony
Georgia becomes a Colony
  • In 1732, King George signed the Charter for Georgia to be a trustee colony for 21 years.
  • It included the land between the Savannah and Altamaha rivers and extended west to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Oglethorpe promised that silk, dyes, wine, spices, and semitropical fruit would be sent from Georgia back to England.
reasons for georgia to become a colony
Reasons for Georgia to become a colony.
  • Charity-allow the working poor who faced jail because of debt to start over.
  • Economics- to provide raw materials to England to help them export more than they imported (mercantilism)
  • Defense- to protect the other British colonies from Indians, French and Spanish
georgia s charter
Georgia’s Charter
  • Trustees Couldn’t
  • Own land
  • Hold political office
  • Get paid for their work
georgia s charter cont d
Georgia’s Charter cont’d

People NOT Allowed to live in Georgia

  • Catholics-The Church of England didn’t like them
  • Black People-So slavery wouldn’t get started
  • Lawyers-Colonists need to settle problems on their own (out of court)
  • Liquor Dealers-Drinking would keep people from working
the first georgia colonists
The First Georgia Colonists
  • Debtors, former prisoners, or working poor never made it to Georgia during its early settlement.
  • Between 114 and 125 settlers sailed form England on the ship Ann in 1732.
  • Tomochichi led the settlers to Yamacraw Bluff overlooking the Savannah River. This became the first settlement of the Georgia colony.
colonist s had to agree to
Colonist’s had to agree to…
  • Defend the colony against all new enemies.
  • Land given to colonists couldn’t be sold.
  • Land couldn’t be borrowed against, and had to handed down to the male heir.
  • Colonists got seeds and tools and must grow food for the colony.
  • They had to grow mulberry trees to attract silk worms to produce silk.
  • They had to obey all rules set up by trustees.

James Oglethorpe Landed at

Yamacraw Bluff to Establish

the Colony of Georgia.