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Staff INSET. This presentation has been designed to give your staff an understanding of the aims, structure and content of i-learn: writing prior to a hands-on practice session Feel free to edit this presentation to suit your own purposes

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Presentation Transcript
Staff inset

  • This presentation has been designed to give your staff an understanding of the aims, structure and content of i-learn: writing prior to a hands-on practice session

  • Feel free to edit this presentation to suit your own purposes

  • The Help file in i-learn: writing contains step-by-step advice on all screens

Staff inset objectives
Staff INSET: Objectives

  • To introduce i-learn: writing

  • To demonstrate how the content can be used to teach writing in an innovative and engaging way

  • To prepare for a hands-on practice session

Rationale of i learn writing
Rationale of i-learn: writing

  • i-learn: writing is a stimulating interactive whiteboard resource from Pie Corbett

  • Supports non-fiction units in the renewed Primary Framework for literacy

  • Children rehearse the text type orally before planning and writing: ‘Talking the text type’

Rationale of i learn writing1
Rationale of i-learn: writing

  • Nine-step process, through reading, speaking and listening, to shared and independent writing.

  • Encourages children to approach texts in a ‘writerly’ way

Main features
Main features

  • Model texts written specifically to support writing

  • Author interview videos encourage children to think like a non-fiction writer

  • Talk for writing activities give speaking and listening support

Main features1
Main features

  • Stimulus materials for shared and independent planning and writing

  • Materials can be edited on screen for personalisation to your class

  • Teacher’s notes provide planning support


  • Each DVD-ROM contains six units

  • Each unit is divided into nine focuses

  • Each unit contains two* model texts, written at different levels

    * three for Years 1 and 2

The nine focuses
The nine focuses

  • Each unit is divided into nine focuses

  • To increase flexibility, they can be used in the suggested sequence, or reordered to fit your own teaching

The nine focuses1
The nine focuses

  • Model Texts

  • Reading as a Writer

  • Talking the Text Type

  • Writing Games

  • Stimulus and Shared Planning

  • Demonstration and Shared Writing

  • Editing

  • Independent Planning and Writing

  • Publishing

The nine focuses2
The nine focuses

Model texts

  • Two model texts for children to read, enjoy and discuss. (There is an additional oral model text for Years 1 and 2.)

  • Each text at a different level

The nine focuses3
The nine focuses

Reading as a writer

  • Video of the author talking about the writing process

  • Closer analysis of the model texts

  • Key features are summarised in a ‘writer’s checklist.’

The nine focuses4
The nine focuses

Talking the text type

  • Series of speaking and listening, and drama activities

  • Children orally rehearse the language of the text type in preparation for writing

The nine focuses5
The nine focuses

Writing games

  • Interactive writing games

  • Word, sentence and text level

The nine focuses6
The nine focuses

Stimulus and shared planning

  • A visual, textual or multimedia stimulus inspires shared planning

  • Notemaker comprises a variety of creative planning formats.

The nine focuses7
The nine focuses

Demonstration and shared writing

  • Author gives some ‘top tips’

  • Children take part in shared writing

  • A ‘shared writing script’ is supplied in the teacher’s notes

The nine focuses8
The nine focuses


  • Examples of children’s work at different levels for discussion and editing.

The nine focuses9
The nine focuses

Independent planning and writing

  • Stimuli provide a springboard for children’s own writing.

  • This focus is duplicated in the children’s area for your class to access on their own computers.

The nine focuses10
The nine focuses


  • Examples of publishing options for the text type

Support materials
Support materials

  • Teacher’s notes

  • Additional text resources

Support materials1
Support materials

Teacher’s notes:

  • Detailed curriculum matching

  • Teaching ideas for every focus

  • In Word for easy editing or copying

Support materials2
Support materials

Additional text resources:

  • Word versions of model texts, transcripts of author interviews, and editing samples

  • Additional examples of each text type

The pad
The Pad

  • Create your own screens within i-learn: writing

  • Use pictures, video etc from within the disc, or import your own!

  • Templates include drag-and-drop and multiple-choice screens

The teacher s area
The Teacher’s Area

  • Reorder screens to make your own lessons

  • Assign screens to the Children’s Area for your class to access

  • Edit screens in the product