Us application exercises
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US Application Exercises. Part 1: National Database Template (NDT) Part 2: NDT + National Website Template. Part 1 Intro to the NDT. Objective: overview of the database (30 minutes) Go to: Z:\ BANGKOK 2TOT\SOFTWARE\USA or \\Server\DATA\BANGKOK 2TOT\SOFTWARE\USA

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Us application exercises
US ApplicationExercises

  • Part 1: National Database Template (NDT)

  • Part 2: NDT + National Website Template

Part 1 intro to the ndt

Part 1Intro to the NDT

Objective: overview of the database (30 minutes)


Copy the “US Application Exercise 1” folder to your desktop.

Open the “NDT-nBCH-Demo.mdb” file.

Us application exercises

Us application exercises

  • Test communication with BCH (takes a few seconds)

    STEP 1

  • Enter a new Contact by double clicking on Contacts and the New

  • For this Contact, check all Contact type boxes (Applicant, Authority, Importer, Exporter)

  • Save and Close the window (Answer yes to the Save data box)

    STEP 2

  • Enter a new Competent National AuthorityIn Contact Information, Contact Name choose the Contact Name you entered in STEP 1 above.

  • Save and Close the CNA window.

Us application exercises


  • Double click on “Transfer to BCH” to send your info to the BCH Training site.

  • Follow the instructions

  • If data was transferred successfully, check the BCH training website to find the new record you just sent.

    STEP 4

  • Back on the US Application, try to delete the CNA you just entered

  • Use the “Transfer to BCH” tool to remove it from the BCH training website

  • Check the BCH Training website.

Us application exercises


  • Enter a new LMO Product

    STEP 6

  • Enter a new Decision on LMO under AIAChoose an existing Importer, Exporter and the you just entered in STEP 5.

  • Send your data to the BCH Training website and check if OK.

    STEP 7

  • Enter a new Law

  • Enter a new Regional or International Agreement

    STEP 8 Export in XML Function

  • On the main window, double click on the “Export Data” utility

  • Choose Information Type and an Export Type “XML”

  • Click on Export (by default files are saved in C:\)

Part 2 national website template
Part 2: National Website Template

Objective: Overview of the NWT. (30 minutes)


  • Copy the “” file to your desktop.

  • Create a “NWT” folder on your desktop.

  • Extract all files from the ZIP file into the NWT folder.

Us application exercises

STEP 1 Installing the national website template

  • In the NWT folder open the CustomizationGuide.doc file.

  • On p. 6, follow the System Installation instructions by copying all the previously extracted files to your local root folderc:\InetPub\wwwroot\

  • Check the files on your local webserver:http://localhost/index.asp

  • Have a look to the website:FAQ, Decisions, NCA, Laws, etc.

    STEP 2 Copy your database to the website

  • Copy the database you have created in PART 1 of this exercise to the website.Paste it into the c:\InetPub\wwwroot\database folder

  • Check the changes on your localhost website.

Us application exercises

STEP 3 Customizing the ASP Template

  • Using the CustomizationGuide.doc (p.10), try to modify the footer text on your website

    STEP 4 Frequently Asked Questions management

    Note: Editing the database placed on the webserver is NOT RECOMMENDED. We do it in this exercise so that we don’t have to copy the database each time we make some little changes.

  • Open the NDT-nBCH-Demo.mdb database in the c:\InetPub\wwwroot\database\ folder

  • Go to “Define FAQ subjects”. You should have 4 different subjects.

  • Change the “Approved for public release” choice from yes to no for some FAQ subjects.

  • Save and close the “Define FAQ subjects” window.

  • Check the changes on the localhost website

  • (You can also play with the FAQ Subject (display order)

Us application exercises

STEP 5 Define Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the database, go to “Define Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)”

  • Add a new FAQ.

  • Save and Close the window.

  • Watch the changes on your localhost website

    Pros / Cons

    At the end of this exercise, put on some cards the pros and cons of the US Application