the ca distribution process david groep july 2007 l.
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The CA Distribution Process David Groep, July 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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The CA Distribution Process David Groep, July 2007

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The CA Distribution Process David Groep, July 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The CA Distribution Process David Groep, July 2007. Aim. Common naming for all registered CAs in the IGTF In a variety of formats as suitable for our larger RPs Well-trusted but backed by TACAR where available. IGTF Distribution and Formats.

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  • Common naming for all registered CAs in the IGTF
  • In a variety of formats as suitable for our larger RPs
  • Well-trusted
    • but backed by TACAR where available
igtf distribution and formats
IGTF Distribution and Formats
  • Apart from validation via TACAR, the IGTF manages a distribution of all accredited authorities
    • formerly known as Anders’ RPM set, today also available as: JKS, tar-gz, configure && make, …
  • usually built by the EUGridPMA (me, actually)
  • mirrored twice-daily to the site
  • copied and re-distributed by downstream vendors (EGEE/LCG, VDT, …)
  • also contains the fetch-crl utility (now at version 2.6.3)
  • Download location






  • CVS Repository
  • ssh access for committers only
  • web access for IGTF members


  • Buildhost
  • local network only to CVS, dist
  • PGP signing key on USB flash(stored in safe when not in use)



ssh only from local network

http/https/rsync from anywhere

no other services, apache serves static content only

getting into cvs eugridpma process
Getting into CVS (EUGridPMA process)
  • Supply all information specified at
  • In a secure way (F2F, or electronic: trivial with PGP, or with designated personal cert off your existing CA for updates)
  • CVS-committer (me) re-checks this information
    • like a limited version of the operational review
    • basic sanity of the root cert and CRL URL
    • does the contact address work?
    • is namespace defined and exclusive?
  • generate the signing_policy.conf file
    • based on the data provided by the CA
    • in some cases, the CA provides the entire EACL file
  • generate the derived .namespaces file therefrom
    • except where the ‘namespaces’ file is actually better, or in case the signing_policy.conf syntax cannot express the policy 

Yoshio, or you, may use a different process, i.e. rely on the results of the operational review, or rely on what the CA gives you …

building the distribution
Building the distribution
  • See
  • on a dedicated buildhost
    • so a CVS update will show all changes
    • review all modifications, check for sanity, and update the CHANGES file for the release
  • Update version file, build the distribution and post on a private web page so that everyone can comment
  • New releases built in a coordinated fashion
    • pre-announcement to igtf-general
    • version number should increase monotonically
    • every committer could build (using documentation and the script)
    • each PMA should PGP-sign the RPMs and other content,but if you just mirror you get the EUgridPMA key #3 signature
  • Build and upload to the distribution site, and then:
    • builder (DG) sends announcement to igtf-general
    • each PMA should announce to the subscriber/RP basevia their standard list(in the EUGridPMA, that’s the “” list)
  • Downstream vendors pick up the distribution
a downstream vendor egee lcg
A Downstream Vendor: EGEE/LCG

with my EGEE SA1 hat on …

  • EGEE/LCG relies
    • on RPM and yum/apt for distribution
    • on fetch-crl for CRL download and management
    • on SAM/SFT for site monitoring and consistency follow-up
  • EGEE security and release process coordinators are subscribed to the eugridpma-announce list
  • on release, trouble ticket is entered in system (GGUS)which triggers:
    • the CA liaison (me) to build the lcg-CA RPM metapackage
    • the SAM/SFT developers to update the site functional tests
    • the middleware integration team to upload to the pre-prod repository and test the release again
    • when SAM/SFT update is done, the MW release team migrates the RPMs to the public EGEE repository and announces the update to the sites
    • All sites than have 7 (or 1) days to update. While they are not updated, SAM/SFT test show WARN
  • After 7 (1) days error becomes critical and site is blocked by most VOs