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Texas. Remember the Alamo. Early Texas Territory. The Early 17 th Century. Texas was almost empty 30,000 Indians A Few Thousand Spanish Mexicans Spanish Missions Converting Indians to Christianity Spain hoped its people would settle in Texas, but no one did. No Gold

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Texas l.jpg


Remember the Alamo

Early texas territory l.jpg
Early Texas Territory

The Early 17th Century

  • Texas was almost empty

    • 30,000 Indians

    • A Few Thousand Spanish Mexicans

  • Spanish Missions

    • Converting Indians to Christianity

  • Spain hoped its people would settle in Texas, but no one did.

    • No Gold

    • No Political Freedom

    • No Religious Freedom

Americans in texas l.jpg
Americans in Texas

Stephen Austin

Stephen Austin

  • Moses Austin

    • Made agreement with Spanish that American’s could move there

    • Americans Promised to become Mexican Citizens and Catholics

  • Stephen lead a group of 300 settlers from Missouri to Texas

Moses Austin

Mexican rebellion l.jpg
Mexican Rebellion

Mexico gains Independence

Antonio López de Santa Anna

  • Mexican’s passed a Constitution

    • Not like the American Colonies

    • No experience with self-government

  • Makes way for Antonio López de Santa Anna

Antonio l pez de santa anna l.jpg
Antonio López de Santa Anna

Santa Anna

“Napoleon of the West”

  • Ignored the promised freedoms of the Constitution

  • Called himself “the Napoleon of the West”

  • Wanted to stop the immigration of Americans to Texas

United states and mexico l.jpg
United States and Mexico

American’s in Mexico

Vaqueros Cattle Drive

  • Did not want to become Mexican Citizens

  • Did not want to become Catholic

  • Wanted American Schools

  • Wanted Freedom of Religion

  • Brought Slaves

    • This was against Mexican Law

  • Did not want to share the land with the Indians

    • Bragged of killing Indians

English speaking americans in texas l.jpg
English Speaking Americans in Texas

1830 – No More

Too Late!

  • Santa Anna wants to put an end to English Immigration

    • People from the U.S. crossed into the Mexican territory illegally

  • Think About It!

  • How does this relate to the relationship between Mexico and America today?

Attack on san antonio l.jpg
Attack on San Antonio

Texas Rebels

San Antonio Mission

  • “We went through the old adobe and picket houses of the Mexicans, using battering rams made of logs ten to twelve feet long…How the women and children would yell when we knocked holes in the walls through which we passed.”

  • Compare this to how the Mexicans treated women and children at the Alamo!

Davy crockett and jim bowie l.jpg
Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie

Davy Crockett

Jim Bowie

Fearsome fighter

Designed a wicked, razor-sharp knife

  • United States Congressmen

  • Great Storyteller

    • “Old Betsy” had killed 105 bears in one season

  • Fearless

  • Disagreed with Andrew Jackson on Indian Removal

  • Lost his seat in Congress due to his beliefs

Remember the alamo l.jpg
Remember the Alamo!

Attack on the Alamo

  • Crockett, Bowie, and about 200 men defended the Alamo

  • They held out for 12 days against Santa Anna’s army of about 5000

  • They had no reinforcements

  • They ran out of ammunition

  • Finally the Mexicans broke through the walls of the Alamo and killed them all…Except…

Compare and contrast l.jpg
Compare and Contrast

Mexicans Vs. Americans

Susanna Dickinson

  • How did Americans treat Mexican prisoners?

  • How did Mexicans treat American Prisoners?

  • How did Americans treat Mexican women and Children?

  • How did Mexicans treat American women and Children?

Angry americans l.jpg
Angry Americans

Fighting Back

Sam Houston

  • English-speaking settlers in Texas were furious

  • Decided to fight for independence for Texas

    • “Remember the Alamo”

  • Led by Sam Houston

    • Run Away

    • Adopted by Indians

    • Fought for Andrew Jackson

    • Elected to Congress

    • Governor of Tennessee

Sam houston l.jpg
Sam Houston

Fighting Santa Anna

Houston Defeats Santa Anna

  • Sam Houston decided to fight Santa Anna at San Jacinto (now Houston, Texas)

    • Texans were outnumbered but smart

    • Waited to attack until Siesta Hour

  • Only took 15 minutes to capture Santa Anna and route the Mexicans

Independence for texas l.jpg
Independence for Texas

An independent Nation

  • Sam Houston made Santa Anna sign a treaty making Texas and independent country

  • Houston was elected President

    • The “Lone Star Republic”

Texas and the united states l.jpg
Texas and the United States

Admittance to the Union

  • Houston wanted Texas to become part of the United States

  • Should Texas be a slave state?

    • It would throw off balance in Congress

    • Andrew Jackson declines

    • December 1845

      • James K. Polk makes Texas a state

  • What will happen to Texas next?