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Amazing animals

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Amazing animals. Cayleb Miller Harper Montgomery Kris Curtis. Madagascar hissing cockroaches. The Madagascar hissing cockroach doesn't have wings. The cockroach usually lives in the forest flour of Madagascar. Cockroaches can produce 30/60 nymphs. Cayleb miller.

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amazing animals
Amazing animals

Cayleb Miller

Harper Montgomery

Kris Curtis

madagascar hissing cockroaches
Madagascar hissing cockroaches

The Madagascar hissingcockroach doesn't have wings.The cockroach usually lives in the forest flour of Madagascar. Cockroaches can produce 30/60 nymphs.Cayleb miller

american alligator
American alligator
  • The average size for an adult female is 8.2 feet males is 11.2 feet exceptionally large males can weigh half a ton. Have an armored body with a muscular flat tail. Embedded bony plates called osteoderms or scoots.
  • Kristopher Curtis
northern tamanduas
Northern tamanduas
  • Northern tamanduas are found in central and south America. And south America west of Andes from northern Peru. Northern tamanduas many different habitats from nature and secondary rainforest and plantations to gallery forest and afraid savannas
  • Harper Montgomery