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Chapter 9 Lesson 2

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Chapter 9 Lesson 2. A Mixture of Many Cultures. Reverend Andrew Burnaby. Reverend Andrew Burnaby of Greenwich thought it was not good to have so many cultures. He believed it meant trouble for the colony. Peter Kalm.

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chapter 9 lesson 2
Chapter 9 Lesson 2
  • A Mixture of Many Cultures
reverend andrew burnaby
Reverend Andrew Burnaby
  • Reverend Andrew Burnaby of Greenwich thought it was not good to have so many cultures. He believed it meant trouble for the colony.
peter kalm
Peter Kalm
  • On the other hand, Peter Kalm delighted in walking through Pennsylvania and seeing all the different places of worship
People weren't sure about diversity, but the differences we see today got a good start in the middle colonies.
  • Diversity was new to everyone in this colony, so no one was sure how it would work out.

William Penn was excited about it. He called Pennsylvania a “holy experiment” His colony was based on religious tolerance and a respect for differences.

He wanted to make sure that people of all religions were free to worship.

Quakers truly respected differences.

quakers had a strong belief in equality
Quakers had a strong belief in equality
  • They didn’t wear fancy clothes, because they thought it showed special privileges.
  • They didn’t take off their hats to greet important people.
  • They called everyone “Thee and Thou” instead of just servants and children.
  • William Penn even called King Charles “friend Charles”
Not everyone who came to settle in Pennsylvania agreed with Quaker beliefs. They just wanted to live in peace.

However, all was not completely peaceful, women who spoke up couldn’t vote. Slavery existed. William Penn even owned them. Despite this, his “holy experiment” was a step in the right direction.


William Penn was eager to spread the news about the benefits of his colony. He put our pamphlets in England, so people would want to move there.

Even settlers wrote home urging friends and relatives to consider Pennsylvania.By 170720,000 settlers lived in the colony
Slavery was not as widespread in the middle colonies as it was in the south because of the harsh winters.

Many immigrants sailed to New York from Europe, and New York became a large importer of slaves. Although slavery was never easy, slaves were treated better in the middle colonies, and it was not as widespread.