serious gordon using serious games to teach kitchen food safety
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Serious Gordon: Using Serious Games To Teach Kitchen Food Safety

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Serious Gordon: Using Serious Games To Teach Kitchen Food Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brian Mac Namee, Pauline Rooney, Patrick Lindstrom, Andrew Ritchie, Frances Boylan & Greg Burke. Serious Gordon: Using Serious Games To Teach Kitchen Food Safety. Contents. Presentation outline: Serious games & digital game based learning Food safety in the kitchen

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Presentation Transcript
  • Presentation outline:
    • Serious games & digital game based learning
    • Food safety in the kitchen
    • The development of Serious Gordon
    • Serious Gordon demo
    • Evaluation
    • Where next?
serious games digital game based learning
Hazmat Hotzone

America’s Army

Serious Games & Digital Game-Based Learning

“…the key isnot to privilege one arena over the other but to find the synergy between pedagogy and engagement…”

-Robert van Eck

the food safety authority
The Food Safety Authority
  • EU regulations on food hygiene now state:
  • “…that food handlers are supervised and instructed and or trained in food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activity.”
  • “Guide to Food Safety Training: Level 1 - Induction Skills and Level 2 - Additional Skills for Food and Non-Food Handlers (Food Service, Retail and Manufacturing Sectors)”, Food Safety Authority of Ireland. (2006)
kitchen food safety competencies
Kitchen Food Safety Competencies
  • Wear and maintain uniform/protective clothing hygienically
  • Maintain a high standard of hand-washing
  • Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene
  • Demonstrate correct hygiene practice if suffering from ailments/illnesses that may affect the safety of food
  • Avoid unhygienic practices in a food operation
  • Demonstrate safe food handling practices
  • Maintain staff facilities in a hygienic condition
  • Obey food safety signs
  • Keep work areas clean
developing serious gordon
Developing Serious Gordon
  • Key features of the development of Serious Gordon:
    • A multi-disciplinary team
    • The expected learning outcomes for the game matched the competencies outlined by the food safety authority
    • A storyboard was developed to map out how the game would proceed
    • Developers built proof of concept demos for each game sequence
    • A script editor and a voice actor were hired
the source engine
The Source Engine
  • The Source engine provides a comprehensive suite of tools
  • Additional functionality was added to the engine
  • Informal evaluations have taken place
  • Participants were quizzed on kitchen food safety before and after playing Serious Gordon
  • People who took part in the experiment tended to fare better in the second quiz than the first
  • We need to do much better!
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • There were some interesting lessons learned over the course of the project:
    • Artists are required for a serious game development project
    • Professional voice actors and script writers are worth the expense
    • Proof of concept demos are invaluable
    • Expected learning outcomes should be defined in detail as early as possible
future work questions raised
Future Work & Questions Raised
  • There are some obvious pieces of work that need to be done now:
    • Improve the look of the game
    • Get Faceposer to work
    • Undertake a rigorous evaluation
  • There are also a number of interesting questions that arose from the project:
    • Is some kind of NPC AI editor required to make this serious game development viable?
    • How does fun versus learning balance?
    • Single player or multi-player?