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Most Using Wedding Jewelleries in Kerala PowerPoint Presentation
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Most Using Wedding Jewelleries in Kerala

Most Using Wedding Jewelleries in Kerala

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Most Using Wedding Jewelleries in Kerala

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  1. Most Using Jewelleries in Wedding Chungath Jewellery

  2. Wedding Jewellery • A women’s wedding day is the best day of her life and she wants to and deserves to be the centre of attention on her special. The main differentiator that completely makes her stand out of the crowd is her grand traditional gold jewellery. No matter how modern the bride is, she still goes for traditional wedding jewellery sets for brides because of the grandeur it adds to her look and to the wedding.

  3. Combinations in Kerala Wedding jewellery • Traditional Jewellery • Diamond Jewellery • Gemstone Jewellery • Polki Jewellery

  4. Passion To Traditional jewellery For selecting wedding jewellery Malayali bride look with the Kerala traditional jewellery pieces like the palakka mala, traditional Kerala nagapada mala, pavithrakettu mala, Traditional Manga mala, ashtalakshmi bangle etc. Still also people more attracted to antique designs especially in case of necklaces.

  5. Elegance of Diamond Jewellery in Wedding Diamonds are seen in classic Kerala jewellery and more bringing a contemporary touch to classic timeless styles. Uncut diamond jewellery designs are also another antique trend of the Mughal rajas that has arose again and is the style rage of the season. 

  6. Extra Glow for Bride - Gemstone jewellery For shine the day of wedding along with the gold and diamond jewellery we can add extra pieces of gemstone jewellery. Especially a beautiful gemstone necklace will give royal look to the bride. For groom can use gemstone rings or birthstone rings to be smart.

  7. PolkiKundan Wedding Gold Jewellery Polki and Kundan designs sparkle with the brilliance of uncut diamonds. The beauty of every piece lies in its exclusivity, as these handmade beauties can never be replicated in its exact version. Along with polki gold necklace wide range of Polki earrings, Polki gold necklace and Kundannecklaces can be select for wedding.

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