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Magazine Cover Evaluation

Magazine Cover Evaluation. Emily Hemmings. x. When choosing a magazine appropriate for a certain film it is critical that you choose the magazine which links to the genre or theme of the chosen film.

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Magazine Cover Evaluation

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  1. Magazine Cover Evaluation Emily Hemmings

  2. x When choosing a magazine appropriate for a certain film it is critical that you choose the magazine which links to the genre or theme of the chosen film. National readership survey evaluates all key points that can be linked with applicable audience to make sure that the advertisement for the film is seen. E.g. ‘’How many males and females read this certain magazine?’’ ‘’What is the age range that read this magazine?’’ The way in which a survey is conducted affects the estimates it produces. The way in which the sample is obtained is arguably the most important factor, particularly for media measurement surveys.

  3. The CASE readership survey of institutional magazines reveals key findings about reader preferences and engagement, including how the amount of time spent reading an alumni magazine can impact a reader's giving and involvement with the institution. New findings from questions on format preference and online content are also included. The report highlights many of the benchmarks and trends revealed by comparing data collected from more than 136,000 CASE member institution readers. m f

  4. National readership survey information Who they are? The National Readership Survey was established in 1956 and today provides the most authoritative and valued audience research in use for print advertising trading in the UK. The survey covers over 250 of Britain’s major newspapers and magazines, showing the size and nature of the audiences they achieve. In a dynamic and changing digital media age, NRS PADD was introduced in September 2012 to provide a unique measure of combined print and online audiences. What they do? • A continuous survey, 12 months of the year, 7 days a week • A large sample: 36,000 interviews a year with adults aged 15+ per year • A random sample: interviews only conducted at randomly selected addresses with randomly selected individuals • Respondents asked about their readership of a list of newspapers, newspaper supplements and magazines, as well as their online behaviour and information about themselves Helpline: 020 8515 3476 

  5. Online readership The NRS estimates reflect the potential audience for advertising within the print publication. The advertising in the print publication is different from that carried by the related website, so it is important to measure the print audience separately. In the NRS readership questions, respondents are asked (and reminded) to exclude any reading done online. Between 2004 and 2008 NRS ran a test to monitor whether, despite these instructions, some respondents did include online reading in their print readership claims. A dozen or so titles were included, chosen on the basis that they had websites with relatively large audiences. The results of the test were encouraging. In some cases Average Issue Readers had read the publication on the Internet as well as in print, but the level of solos Internet readership was low.

  6. Empire Magazine Why should we advertise with Empire? • Empire is the WORLD’S LARGEST movie magazine • Empire is the 2nd biggest UK men’s monthly magazine • Dominates the UK film market with over 70% circulation share, outselling its nearest competitor by almost 100,000 copies • Empire has over 57,000 subscribers • 47% think that the Empire brand is better than all or most other magazines • With the magazine, iPad, empireonline.com, social media and our international editions, Empire reaches over 2.5 MILLION of the most dedicated movie fans on the planet

  7. a The constant quest to deliver the best movie coverage on the planet is underscored by amazing relationships between Empire and the biggest filmmakers in the world: Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson and JJ Abrams just some of its most influential fans and readers. After more than 20 years of being the world’s best movie magazine, Empire is now the BIGGEST movie magazine in the world. This international domination – outselling all its rivals globally by an average of 2 to 1 – is down to Empire’s continued commitment to delivering movie fans the greatest monthly experience, telling them which movies to get excited about and why. • a

  8. c The name of the Empire magazine clearly stands out with the big red font, catching the audiences eye. The colour red has connotation of power and danger which links the front cover and the film it is advertising. c To show the audience how popular the magazine has been and for how long. Showing everyone that it is an exclusive magazine to the public making it seem inferior. What else features in the magazine alongside the film aspect to gain a wider audience. Picture of the main character to draw attention to the audience of the film that is featured. Catches the audience attention with the red also linking with the title of empire. Using the words ‘’special’’ gives an impressive tone and draws the reader in.

  9. Empire Onlinewww.EMPIREONLINE.COM Empire users are passionate about movies, games, and technology and are regular cinema goers EMPIREONLINE.COM is the UK’s premier movie-lover’s online destination, providing indispensable insight into cinema, from recent blockbusters and classic films. ● Delivering exclusive previews & trailers of highly anticipated films ● Breaking daily movie news & stories ● Video diaries with behind-the-scenes, unseen footage from on-set locations ● Comprehensive archives of film reviews ● Blog spots and image galleries ● Celebrity interviews ● Competitions & quizzes ● Web chats with movie stars such as Nicholas Cage and Dan Akroyd Recent editions to the digital world of Empire include weekly podcasts with famous guests that come into the office from Jake Gyllenhaal and Danny DeVito, to Emily Blunt and Sir Roger Moore

  10. X X Unique users - 2.3 million* Page impressions - 22.2 million* Email subscribers - 98,192* (STATS November 2012)

  11. Sight & Sound “Sight & Sound” is a British film magazine, published monthly by the British Film Institute. It was first published in 1932, before being taken over by the BFI in 1934. “Sight & Sound” is marketed as a high-brow, consumer magazine. We currently have 13,000 UK and 6,000 international subscribers, all of whom love film and film culture.

  12. Why should we advertise with Sight & Sound? • Sight & Sound is regarded as the most in-depth British film magazine on the market. It is often used for academic research and citation where other magazines such as “Total Film” are not. • Sight & Sound is the international film magazine that offers a unique insight into the very best of film culture. • Britain's largest film magazine. • 51,366 followers on twitter with regular tweets advertising their magazines and new up coming films. • Introduces daily polls which engages the reader to participate and follow up the results.

  13. Sight & Sound Statistics • c This is a broad audience that read this magazine which would be perfect if we featured our film with this magazine.

  14. c British Film Industry: tells the reader the information within the magazine is reliable from a trusted source. A bold yellow for the titles which stands out compared to the bland brown colour which covers the magazine. Yellow has positive connotations of happiness and excitement. c Different from other magazines as the writing is placed on top of the magazine instead of behind. The image is from a film rather than promotion. This is dry comedy genre which is shown by the faces of sincerity. Cheap price. The white also stands out from the bland background. Attracting the audience to the writing as they are the key points within the magazine. Which is featured in the magazine.

  15. Internet version In terms of marketing, “Sight & Sound” understand that their appeal is limited to academics, student and those who have a highly analytical interest in film. Because of this, advertising is scarce or not at all. The website is also very bare. It links to a subscription form and a brief breakdown of the current issue. The website itself is run by the BFI and most of the information directs to BFI-run events or screenings. The website has very little information about the magazine itself or its contributors. What the website does do is provide an interesting argument for the magazines ideology by suggesting “If you want grown-up comment on films this is the magazine for you.” It also links to the magazines many filmic polls, such as the “greatest film poll” which has run every ten years since 1952.

  16. x The polls that take place within the Sight & Sound magazine: "by far the most respected of the countless polls of great movies--the only one most serious movie people take seriously." • x

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