classroom placement for multiples
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Classroom Placement for Multiples

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Classroom Placement for Multiples - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classroom Placement for Multiples. Research and Recommendations Prepared by Brenda Schwartz January 30, 2007. Research. Twins in School: What Teachers Should Know ERIC Digest ED424033 Published October 1998 Lilian G. Katz Twins in the Classroom: School Policy Issues and Recommendations

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classroom placement for multiples

Classroom Placement for Multiples

Research and Recommendations

Prepared by Brenda Schwartz

January 30, 2007

  • Twins in School: What Teachers Should Know
    • ERIC Digest ED424033
      • Published October 1998
      • Lilian G. Katz
  • Twins in the Classroom: School Policy Issues and Recommendations
    • Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation
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  • What Effect Does Classroom Separation Have on Twin’s Behavior, Progress at School, and Reading Abilities?
    • Twin research
      • Published December 2003
      • Lucy A. Tully et al.
research articles
Research & Articles
  • Seeing Double
    • American School Board Journal
      • Published March 2001
  • The Trouble with Twins
    • National Association Elementary School


      • Published January 2004.
  • Same or Separate Classrooms: A Twin Bill
    • Twins Research and Human Genetics
      • Published June 2006
  • The School Years
    • Curtin University of Technology
      • December 21, 2005
research articles1
Research & Articles
  • Classroom Placement of Twins
    • Clearinghouse on Early Education and Parenting
      • Last Updated June 2004
  • Breaking the Barriers: The Secret to Controlling Your Twins’ School Placement
    • TWINS Magazine
      • July/August 2006
      • Dr. Rachel Franklin
  • Separate Classrooms or Together
    • Special Report on Separation
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research findings
Research Findings
  • The available research recommends that schools maintain a flexible placement policy of multiple birth children.
  • Decisions should be made on a case by case basis and reviewed each year.
  • Placement should be a joint effort between the family and educators.
  • Forced separation can lead to unintended consequences:
    • academic, emotional, social, and behavioral issues, that were not present prior to forced separation
research findings1
Research Findings
  • National Association of School Psychologists “urges schools to maintain a flexible perspective and to consult with parents to determine when and if separation is desirable or unfavorable.”
  • ERIC Digest, ED427835, asserts “that mandatory separation of multiple birth children is ineffective and can be detrimental to the educational and emotional growth of these children”.
when separation is recommended
When Separation is Recommended
  • There are circumstances where separation of multiples is recommended.
  • Multiples are combining to be disruptive to the classroom.
  • One or both children unable to relate with other children.
  • The children are at markedly different academic levels.
  • One child dominated by other to the extent that they always check with the dominate child before acting.
  • The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs provides the following general guidelines.
  • Schools should provide an atmosphere that respects the close nature of the multiple bond while encouraging individual abilities.
  • Schools should maintain a flexible placement policy throughout the early elementary school years.
  • When multiple-birth children are enrolled in different classrooms at the same grade level, there should be a consistent approach to instruction and classroom management.
  • Principals should move with extreme caution when considering detention, acceleration, or alternative placement of one or more multiple-birth children.