w est v alley b ranch l ibrary n.
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w est v alley b ranch l ibrary

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w est v alley b ranch l ibrary
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  1. west valley branch library architect: rob wellington quigley spring of 2003

  2. site 1243 San Tomas Aquino RD, San José, California 95117 The site’s nature, existing trees were preserved. Landscaping is drought tolerant, low water use and features high-efficiency irrigation controls to reduce use of water.

  3. green features • skylights above the woven screen ceiling diffuser provide even day lighting until sunset when sensors turn on the lights. • air conditioning is kept to a minimum through carefully shaded windows, efficient insulation, and an under-floor mechanical system. In addition, thick concrete block walls add thermal mass to the structure. • more than 25% of the materials used during the construction contain recycled content, including the ceramic tile, carpeting, and flooring. • The building was designed and constructed to use 50% less irrigation water than standard buildings.

  4. plan this building is a focus of community life and acts as a beacon from the street as well.

  5. sections

  6. roof The building is carefully designed to minimize the use of artificial light source. The woven screen acts as a large diffuser to create soft, even light.

  7. interior inside, the library features light shelves,waterless urinals, and automatic sensors for sinks and toilets.

  8. exterior entrance architect’s models (bird’s-eye view)

  9. circulation/parti/ geometry circulation parti basic geometry