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President John Adams

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President John Adams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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President John Adams. 2 nd President of United States 1797-1801 Party: Federalist. Election 1797. The Candidates Federalist: John Adams Democratic-Republican: Thomas Jefferson. Democrat-Republican. Federalist. VS. Election 1797.

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president john adams

President John Adams

2nd President of United States


Party: Federalist

election 1797
Election 1797
  • The Candidates
    • Federalist: John Adams
    • Democratic-Republican: Thomas Jefferson




election 17971
Election 1797
  • Thomas Jefferson was the runner up so he became the vice president.
  • The country had a president and vice president from two different political parties!
  • At this time the Constitution stipulated that the runner-up became VP.
impact of the election
Impact of the Election
  • Sectionalism- Placing the interest of one region over another.
  • Northern states voted for Adams, Southern states voted for Jefferson.
  • 12th Amendment-Allowed for the electoral college to vote for VP separately.
adams administration pyramid
Adams Administration Pyramid
  • Terms to Include:
  • XYZ Affair
  • Alien and Sedition Acts
  • Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
  • Pg. 194-196
xyz affair
XYZ Affair

President Adams sent a delegation to Paris in 1797

French demanded a large loan of $10 million and a bribe of $250K for U.S. privilege of merely talking to foreign minister Talleyrand

xyz affair1
XYZ Affair

Negotiations broke down and Marshall came home

“Millions for defense not one cent for tribute” became the US Rally cry.

US enters a Quasi War with France (Undeclared Naval Warfare, 1798-1799 )YouTube - The XYZ Affair.mht

alien and sedition acts 1798
Alien and Sedition Acts (1798)

Purpose: Federalists passed a series of oppressive laws in 1798 that would silence criticism of the Federalist Party.

Raised residency requirements for U.S. citizenship from 5 yrs to 14 yrs

President empowered to deport "dangerous" foreigners

alien and sedition acts 17981
Alien and Sedition Acts (1798)

Anyone who impeded the policies of gov't or falsely defamed its officials, incl. the president, would be liable to a heavy fine and imprisonment

Violation of the 1st Amendment

virginia and kentucky resolutions
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

Jefferson & Madison secretly created a series of resolutions

Premise: States had the right to nullify unconstitutional laws passed by Congress

the xyz affair
The XYZ Affair
  • “The Paris Monster”
  • “Cease bawling monster, we will not give you a sixpence.”
  • Answer skill builder questions on pg. 195