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top iot app segments to invest in n.
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Top IoT Application Segments for investing in 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Top IoT Application Segments for investing in 2018

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Top IoT Application Segments for investing in 2018
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Top IoT Application Segments for investing in 2018

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  1. Top IoT App Segments to Invest in

  2. WE MAKE APPS Leading Mobile App Development Company

  3. Smart Home Smart Homes are digitizing with the help of the Internet of Things by interconnecting and identifying the objects and products through various Digital Networks. So, all of the electronics in your home are fair game for this tech revolution, starting from your fridge to your door lock.

  4. Popular Smart Home IoT Apps Smart thermostat Connected lights Smart fridge Smart door lock

  5. Wearables The constant growth of Wearables comes from the evolution of gadgets from novelties to more like fully-realized and useful devices. The release of Android Wear 2.0 and the continued success of the Apple Watch has pivoted to focus on the health field & are the two of the biggest examples of wearable technology.

  6. Popular Wearable IoT Apps Smart watch Activity tracker Smart glass

  7. Smart City Basically, a smart city can be defined as an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information to manage assets and resources efficiently. Here, the cloud-based IoT applications receive, manage, and analyze data in real time to help municipalities, enterprises, and citizens make better decisions in order to improve quality of life.

  8. Popular Smart City IoT Apps Smart parking Smart waste management

  9. Smart Grid The Smart Grid represents an unprecedented opportunity to move the energy field into a new era of reliability, efficiency, and availability that will contribute to our environmental and economic health. The digital technology that allows for a two-way communication between the utility and its customers by the sensing along the transmission lines is what makes the grid smart.

  10. Popular Smart Grid IoT Apps Smart metering

  11. Industrial Internet Industrial Internet draws together fields like Machine Learning, Big Data, and machine-to-machine communication to ingest data from machines, analyze it which is often in real-time, further using it to adjust operations. For example - IIoT in manufacturing could generate great business value which will eventually lead to the fourth industrial revolution a.k.a Industry 4.0.

  12. Popular Industrial Internet IoT Apps Remote asset control

  13. Smart Car In the beginning of the self-driven car era, internet will be used for information exchange between the cars for better route selection and accident reports. A connected car is a car that is equipped with Internet access, and usually also with a wireless local area network. This allows the car to share internet access with other devices both inside as well as outside the vehicle and much more.

  14. Popular Smart Car IoT Apps Remote car control

  15. What helps in this IoT growth spurt:

  16. The phenomenal increase in broadband connectivity network – In 2000, only 3 percent had broadband connectivity and today it’s at 11% penetration. Metros, homes, offices all have internet connectivity 24/7. A Surge in Smartphone users – There are around 2 billion Smartphone users worldwide, and 83% of the global internet users prefer their mobile devices to go online.

  17. Gartner estimates a growth to 26 billion units by 2020, of the total number of connected consumer, business and industrial “things” – which equals an almost 30-fold increase over the 900 million things in 2009. With that, Gartner also claims that the Internet of Things has reached its hype peak. With the increase in internet penetration – IoT technology is slowly but surely becoming cheaper for end-consumers to own and thus, making it more own-able.

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