2013 robert j grey jr negotiation competition overview n.
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2013 Robert J. Grey, Jr. Negotiation Competition Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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2013 Robert J. Grey, Jr. Negotiation Competition Overview

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2013 Robert J. Grey, Jr. Negotiation Competition Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 Robert J. Grey, Jr. Negotiation Competition Overview. General Description.

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2013 Robert J. Grey, Jr. Negotiation Competition Overview

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general description

General Description

The Robert J. Grey, Jr. Negotiation Competition is an American Bar Association Law Student Division forum offered to help students develop practical legal skills. The competition emphasizes teamwork and the ability to resolve disputes in a negotiation setting. During the competition, each team will represent a client in a dispute with an opposing party. While both teams will receive the same “General Information” regarding the dispute, each team’s “Confidential Information” will be client-specific. The teams will then negotiate in timed simulations, attempting to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both teams’ clients.

rules and guidelines

Rules and Guidelines

Problems for each round will be distributed through email.

The opening round will consist of a 20 minute negotiation, 2 minute team self-evaluation, and 2 minute team critique. The negotiation period will increase with each round.

Competitors must wear formal business attire.

Facts referenced during the negotiation must be consistent with the facts in the problem. The creation of self-serving facts or assumptions is strictly prohibited.

Competitors may consult resources related to negotiation strategy.

Competitors may not consult with other teams at any time.

Recordings of previous years’ final rounds may be checked-out from the Library.

judging criteria

Judging Criteria


Ability to serve client’s goals (note: this does not necessarily entail reaching a definitive agreement)


Rapport and relationship with opposing counsel

Ability to adapt to developing circumstances

Professionalism and ethics


competition schedule

Competition Schedule

Sign Ups: September 3rd – September 5th(12 p.m.)

Distribution of 1st Problem: September 6nd (8 p.m.)

Opening Round: September 9th – 12th

Distribution of 2nd Problem: September 13th

Quarterfinal Round: September 16th – 17th

Distribution of 3rd Problem: September 20th

Semifinal Round: September 24th

Distribution of Final Problem: September 24th

Final Round: September 27th