Christopher Chris Benoit

Blogger, social media marketer, financial writer, Debt Consolidation Care

I am a personal finance author with about 2 years of professional writing & public speaking experience. I am also debt advisor & love to provide counseling to peoples suffering from debts. I have an MBA in marketing & finance and was a part of CPA. But unfortunately haven't enjoyed the life as CPA. I am trying to get MBA in public relations.Apart from this I learning & working on the work of Social Media Optimization & search Engine Optimization. I will love to invite you to log on to my company site which is one of the best US online consolidation company that helps people to consolidate their unsecured debts. I love to exercise and my routine includes yoga, interval training (walking/running), step aerobics, and weight training. I'm also a sports news junkie and a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan.