4 november 2011 n.
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Joint meeting Industrial Policy and Work environment networks PowerPoint Presentation
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Joint meeting Industrial Policy and Work environment networks

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Joint meeting Industrial Policy and Work environment networks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4 November 2011. Joint meeting Industrial Policy and Work environment networks. Nanotechnology. Update on Reach. European Issues. Euro Crisis – G20 Manufacturing Production 1Q11 - 2005=100 – OECD. Euro Crisis 31 Oktober 2011.

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Joint meeting Industrial Policy and Work environment networks

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Presentation Transcript
euro crisis george papandreou
IN Industrial Policy Network
  • “So many people in Greece ask me, is all the pain worthwhile, can we make it? … my answer is, yes we can”
  • But just to be sure – let’s have a referendum
Euro Crisis George Papandreou
euro crisis george papandreou1
IN Industrial Policy Network
  • OK – If it is that much of a deal, then we probably won’t have a referendum after all
Euro Crisis George Papandreou
european initiatives industrial policy


  • Smart growth
    • Digital agenda for Europe
    • Innovation Union
    • Youth on the move
  • Sustainable growth
    • Resource efficient Europe
    • An industrial policy for the globalisation era
  • Inclusive growth
    • An agenda for new skills and jobs
    • European platform against poverty

Sulfur Directive

European initiatives- industrial policy
european initiatives work enviroment

Simplification of existing legislation

    • progress to simplify health and safety legislation in the Member States (Finland)
  • Improve implementation of the social partner agreement on work-related stress.
  • Revision of the electromagnetic fields directive
  • Proposal for a directive on ergonomics and work-related musculoskeletal disorder
  • Possible proposal on carcinogens
  • Possible initiative on protecting workers from environmental tobacco smoke
  • Proposal to align health and safety Directives with the new Regulation on the classification labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures
  • New OSH strategy 2013-2020
European initiatives - workenviroment
outstanding questions on new eif nordic baltic region
IN Styrelse - Hallitus
  • We have arguedthat the Balticcountrieshistorically, politically and ecomonicallynearer Eastern Europe
  • Balticcountrieswant the Nordic region
  • How do we do this in practice
    • Cooperationgroup
    • Pre meetings
Outstanding questions on new EIFNordic Baltic region
outstanding questions on new eif gender quotas
IN Styrelse - Hallitus

OK for policy-committees

Wearesceptical to quotas for executivecommittee

If a 20% quota is not reached the committee is supplemented from regions

Outstanding questions on new EIF Genderquotas
outstanding questions on new eif executive committee
IN Styrelse - Hallitus
  • Proposalsworkdifferently for Nordic countries
    • Swedish and Danish representationwillimprove as the ExCom is reduced
    • Finnish, Norwegian and Icelandicwillbereduced
Outstanding questions on new EIFExecutivecommittee
outstanding questions on new eif policy committees
IN Styrelse - Hallitus
  • Industrial Policy
  • CollectiveBargaining
  • Company Policy
    • Each member organisation will have the right to nominate a member to each Policy Committee
    • Each region has the right to nominate at least one person to each of the policy committees
  • Social dialogue 
    • Direct participation from those sectors
      • Official social dialogue committees
      • Informal social dialogue with employers’ federations
Outstanding questions on new EIFPolicy Committees
outstanding questions on new eif committees and working groups


    • Permanent for importantsectors and where social dialogue
    • Ad Hoc for specificsectorswhenneedarises
  • Workinggroups
    • Permanent equalopportunitiesgroup
    • Permanent and ad hoc established by ExCom
Outstanding questions on new EIF Committees and workinggroups
outstanding questions on new eif action program
IN Styrelse - Hallitus

Draftpolitical resolution for discussion at executivesNov-Dec 2011 and end January 2012

Actualcomplete action program to bewrittenafterfoundingcongress

Outstanding questions on new EIFAction Program
outstanding questions on new eif time plan
IN Styrelse - Hallitus

8. November 2011 Working group

23-24. November 2011 EMF Executive Committee

2. December 2011 ETUF-TCL Extraordinary Executive Committee

7-8. December 2011 EMCEF Executive Committee

30-31. January 2012 Joint Executive Committee

14-16. May 2012 Founding congress in new organisation

Outstanding questions on new EIFTime plan