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Q R P. It’s how to spell “Fun”!. Shel Radin KF0UR. Tonight’s Agenda. What is QRP? Why would I use it? What are some options? What else should I know?. What is QRP?. It’s not just “low power” QRP is defined as 5 watts or less on CW 10 watts PEP or less on SSB QRPp is 1 watt or less.

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q r p


It’s how to spell “Fun”!

Shel Radin


tonight s agenda
Tonight’s Agenda
  • What is QRP?
  • Why would I use it?
  • What are some options?
  • What else should I know?
what is qrp
What is QRP?
  • It’s not just “low power”
  • QRP is defined as
    • 5 watts or less on CW
    • 10 watts PEP or less on SSB
  • QRPp is 1 watt or less
why use qrp
Why Use QRP?
  • It’s an adventure
  • It’s different
  • It’s a challenge
  • It’s something new to try
  • = It’s fun
  • slogan: "Power is no substitute for skill”
qrp rigs
QRP Rigs
  • What’s a QRP Rig?
  • You’d be surprised at the variety…
there are big rigs for home use
There are big rigs…for home use

Yaesu FT-9000

Icom 7800

there are really small rigs known as trail friendly
There are really small rigs…known as “trail friendly”

Elecraft K2

Oak Hills Research

OHR 500



and then there are tiny rigs very trail friendly
And then there are tiny rigs…very trail friendly

Tuna Tin

Yep…that is a “Chicken of the Sea” tuna can (tuna removed, hopefully )

and for antennas
And for antennas…
  • There are big antennas
there are smaller portable antennas
There are smaller, portable antennas


Force 12

Sigma 5

Par End fed Zepp

and if you put it together
And if you put it together…

12’ when fully extended

qrp suppliers
QRP Suppliers


  • Elecraft
  • Oak Hills Research
  • Small Wonder Labs
  • Wilderness Radio
  • Northern California QRP Club (Norcal)
  • Hendricks
  • Buddipole
  • Pacific Antenna
  • Force 12
what can you do with these
What can you do with these?
  • Just about anything you want.
    • The bigger rigs have all modes and bands
    • The medium rigs usually have them all, as well
    • The small rigs trade features for size
      • Elecraft KX-1: 20M, 30M, 40M, 80M CW only, 4 watts
  • Very attainable goals
    • Worked All States (WAS)
    • DX Century Club (DXCC)
    • Contesting (QRP entry)
qrp organizations
QRP Organizations
  • Adventure Radio Society
    • Share triumphs and tribulations
    • Sponsors contests
      • Flight of the Bumblebee
      • Awards for “miles per watt”
  • QRP Amateur Radio Club International
  • Northern California QRP Club (NorCal)
  • Colorado QRP Club
  • American QRP Club
  • + More…
but i won t be heard
But…I won’t be heard!
  • Oh yes you will!

Math class is now in session

  • Consider…
    • One S unit on your receiver is 6 dB.
    • Halving your power is only a 3 db loss.
    • Quartering your power is 6 dB loss and therefore a one S unit difference.
    • Let me repeat that: using ¼ of your power reduces your signal only 1 S unit.
more math sorry
More Math (sorry…)
  • If a 100 watt signal is received as an S9, then
  • A 25 watt signal (¼ of 100 watts) will be S8 (-6 dB)
  • A 6.25 watt signal (¼ of 25 watts) will be S7 (-12 dB)
  • A 1.5 watt signal (¼ of 6.25 watts) will be S6
  • A 5 watt signal will be just under S7
one more qrp difference
One more QRP difference
  • Some QRPers sign with 72 instead of, or in addition to 73 when signing
    • To acknowledge the QSO using QRP power
    • Kinda like a not-so-secret hand shake.
in summary
In Summary
  • Try it from home by simply turning down your power
  • Try it from a park bench with your portable rig.
  • Try it from your car, if you have a mobile set-up.
  • Enjoy another wonderful facet of our hobby!

Thanks for your time!

C U on the air

72, Shel KF0UR