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PICS Next Steps

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PICS Next Steps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PICS Next Steps. Crop. Immediate Next Steps:. Follow up on workshop: Purdue PICS team will compile rapporteur reports and share with participants.

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PICS Next Steps

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immediate next steps
Immediate Next Steps:
  • Follow up on workshop:
    • Purdue PICS team will compile rapporteur reports and share with participants.
    • Workshop materials on the PICS Lessons Learned Workshop website. Purdue PICS team will be contacting speakers for approval to post pdfs of the power point slides.
    • JSPR Guest Editor Larry Murdock will compiling a list of authors proposing manuscripts for the special issue.
    • All participants communicate thoughts, comments and suggestions to the workshop technical committee.
intermediate term next steps before the 2012 cowpea harvest
Intermediate Term Next Steps:Before the 2012 Cowpea Harvest
  • Plans for the 2012 cowpea storage season:
    • PICS bag orders
    • PICS vendor meetings and meeting with cowpea value chain stakeholders
    • Media plans
    • Discussions with large scale buyers (e.g. WFP, NGOs, Food Security Agencies, traders).
  • Short run plans for PICS bag production and distribution in East Africa and Asia
  • JSPR manuscripts written and submitted by July 15.
  • Annual Report/Final report by June 15
longer term next steps
Longer Term Next Steps
  • Decisions about
    • Management of PICS trademark?
    • In West & Central Africa, continuing exclusive PICS distribution agreements for a country or region?
    • Commercial organization for PICS in “new regions”?
    • Adapting the PICS technology and business model to new stakeholders (e.g. grain traders, food security organizations, farmers producing for household use).
    • Participation of the PICS team in new funding opportunities?
long term
Long Term
  • Building on the PICS Lessons Learned what should we be doing for:
    • Supply chain development of other ag inputs (e.g. seed, fertilizer, pesticides, machinery)?
    • Post harvest handling of food other than grains:
      • Dried fruits & vegetables, nuts, etc.?
      • Dairy products?
      • Meat?
    • Food processing?
    • Management of cowpea field pests (e.g. Bt cowpea)
vision for the future
Vision for the Future
  • PICS is part of a worldwide movement toward commercial smallholder agriculture
  • Lessons learned in the PICS project are widely applied to ag enterprises far beyond cowpea
  • Skills and experience of “The PICS Family” are applied through the world to improve food security and livelihoods.
comments and suggestions to
Comments and Suggestions to:
  • Technical Committee:
    • Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer –
    • Larry Murdock –
    • DieudonnéBaributsa –
    • TahirouAbdoulaye -
    • Ibrahim Baoua -
  • Workshop Coordinators:
    • Katy Ibrahim –
    • Heather Fabries –