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Near-term schedule. Scott Horner. Background. MCCS software engineering build #3 was delivered in June and tested by the SIL team in early July A number of bugs were identified, preventing tier 4 level testing in the SIL and line operations with this build

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Near term schedule

Near-term schedule

Scott Horner


MCCS software engineering build #3 was delivered in June and tested by the SIL team in early July

A number of bugs were identified, preventing tier 4 level testing in the SIL and line operations with this build

MCCS software engineering build #4 was added to the schedule – delivery from L3 to DFRC 30 Sept

FORCAST completed tier 1-3 testing with EB3

Segment 2 lego schedule
Segment 2 “lego” schedule

FRR #3

TA Activation




Door @ 100%

Door @ 10%

This lego chart does not match the IMS and has not been fully approved by the program.

FORCAST is not installed until this period. FORCAST installation, MCCS change-over from open door build to EB4, MCCS checkout, and observatory checkout will need to occur prior to the start of line operations. The EMI testing needs to be inserted into the flow of line operations at an appropriate point.

TA Characterization


First Light attempt

This period was going to be used to integrate FORCAST, balance the TA, test the FORCAST to MCCS software interface, and perform EMI testing of FORCAST

TA Characterization


Work in progress


Created 09/25/2009

Forcast flow change
FORCAST flow change

  • The silver lining

    • The previous schedule had MCCS software engineering build #4 arriving just-in time for testing on the aircraft with FORCAST – this represented a high risk to the success of the tests planned for that period

    • MCCS software engineering build #4 will be tested (tier 1-4) with the FORCAST software in the SIL in November prior to FORCAST delivery or installation on the aircraft

Integrated master schedule
Integrated Master Schedule

  • The IMS has been modified to include filters for FORCAST and GREAT tasks

    • Caveats: The FORCAST tasks in the IMS are not up to date and this has task has priority over my checking the GREAT flow

  • FORCAST flow (SCI-AR-MEM-PM12-2001) – was up to date with the IMS but now needs to be revised based on the new plan

  • GREAT flow – will finish once the FORCAST flow is released

  • FORCAST and HIPO use for TA testing needs to be worked out

Filtered forcast schedule
Filtered FORCAST schedule

No longer current

Near term schedule

Segment 2 – Tracking Dates

FORCAST and/or HIPO may be utilized for TA characterization during this period. Detailed planning for this period cannot occur until we have TA flight performance data.


TA Characterization

TA Characterization



Created 09/14/2009

Near term schedule

Segment 3 flight phase overview – Tracking Dates



Germany Deploy





Southern Hemisphere Deployment





Created 09/25/2009

Lab construction at daof
Lab construction at DAOF

SI labs at DAOF are scheduled to be completed in FY10

Should only impact FORCAST – impact should be minor but we need to keep track of both schedules

Hangar floorplan
Hangar floorplan



Main entrance

Lab ceiling
Lab ceiling

Most of the labs will have 11’6” (3.5m) ceilings

Areas of two of the labs will have 11’ ceilings

11’6” requirement was derived from need to change out fill tubes

Most operations that require high ceilings can be done in the PIF area or on the hangar floor if needed


  • Need SI review

    • TASS specification (SCI-AR-SPE-SE01-040)

    • Vacuum specification (APP-AR-SPE-SE01-028A)

    • SI equipment to counterweight rack ICD (SCI-AR-ICD-SE03-2027)

    • SI cart to facility ICD (SCI-AR-ICD-SE03-2017)

    • SI cart to aircraft ICD (SOF-AR-ICD-SE03-2005)

  • Available soon

    • FORCAST integration flow (SCI-AR-MEM-PM12-2001)

    • GREAT integration flow (SCI-AR-MEM-PM12-2003)

  • For your information

    • HIPO line operations test report (SCI-US-TRP-SV03-2012)

    • FORCAST line operations test plan (SCI-US-PLA-SV01-????)

    • Franziska Harms’ dissertation, “A Contribution to Characterizing and Calibrating the Pointing Control System of the SOFIA Telescope”

    • Sven Schmid, et al. 2009, Journal of Aircraft Vol. 46, No. 4, July–August 2009 “Passive Control of the Flow Around the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy”

    • Stefan Brüggenwirth’s dissertation, “Development, Analysis and Verificaiton of the SOFIA Telescope Assembly Software Simulator” – “good reading for background on how the TA actually works”