Egee egi grid operations transition
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EGEE-EGI Grid Operations Transition. Maite Barroso, CERN GDB, 10/02/2010. Overview. Regionalization of operation tools Transition of regional teams and grid operator on duty roles Transition to global international tasks (O-E-x)

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Presentation Transcript
Egee egi grid operations transition

EGEE-EGI Grid Operations Transition

Maite Barroso, CERN

GDB, 10/02/2010


Regionalization of operation tools

Transition of regional teams and grid operator on duty roles

Transition to global international tasks (O-E-x)

EGEE grid operations tasks without a clear placement in EGI

Prototype NGIs


SA1 Coordination Meeting - 15-Dec-09 - CERN

Regionalization of operation tools
Regionalization of operation tools

Regional monitoring with Nagios (to replace central SAM monitoring)

  • Validation central regional setup at CERN (1 box per ROC)

  • Regional boxes in all ROCs

    • Ongoing testing, to be compared to validation instances

      Operations dashboard using Nagios

  • Used by regional ops teams to process alarms and open tickets to sites

  • Validation central instance with regional views available

    • Ongoing testing, comparison with central instance + SAM

  • Regional instance available for test

SA1 Coordination Meeting - 15-Dec-09 - CERN

Regional teams cod
Regional teams (COD)

They are all regional since June this year

Very active is testing new regionalized tools and give feedback

Essential forum to disseminate information to regions about ongoing changes

Questionnaire done to understand readiness of NGI regional teams

  • Difficult to contact NGIs

  • Mixed level of readiness

  • Many ROCs will keep present structure, 3 will split, 2 with many sites (SEE and CE)

SA1 Coordination Meeting - 15-Dec-09 - CERN

Global international tasks
Global international tasks

Summary: no major issues, ongoing transition to new responsible

O-E-1Operation of the grid topology and configuration repositories

O-E-2Operation of accounting repositories for international VOs

O-E-3Operation of the grid repositories storing monitoring and performance data, and other related information

O-E-4Operation of the grid operations portals

O-E-5Grid operation and oversight of the e-infrastructure

O-E-6Central and regional Grid support, operation of a ticketing system and of a document repository

O-E-7Triage of incoming problems

O-E-8Gathering of requirements for user support tools and processes

O-E-9Coordination of middleware roll-out and deployment, middleware pilot and certification testbeds

O-E-10Coordination of resource allocation and of brokering support for VOs from NGIs

O-E-11Coordination of interoperations between NGIs and other grids.

O-E-12Coordination of network support

O-E-13Coordination of definition of best practices, operations procedures, operations requirements

O-E-14Operation of production grid core software services, catch-all services for international VOs, catch-all CA

O-E-15Coordination of security policy development and maintenance

O-E-16Coordination of security and incident response

O-E-17Coordination of development and maintenance of operational tools

SA1 Coordination Meeting - 15-Dec-09 - CERN

Egee tasks not clear in egi
EGEE tasks not clear in EGI

GSV: contributions from NGIs, leadership without clear funding associated

Catch all ROC: not seen as needed in EGI, buddy system between NGIs?

Dteam VO: more discussions needed to understand present use

Weekly operations meeting

Failover instances of ops tools: several solutions, to be evaluated and proposed by tools responsible teams

SLAs with sites

  • Coordination: Amsterdam

  • Follow up availability reports: O-E-5 NL/Pol

  • Availability recalculation requests (needs global understanding of ongoing issues, not purely technical)

SA1 Coordination Meeting - 15-Dec-09 - CERN

Ngi prototypes
NGI prototypes

Some ROCs/NGIs expressed will to start activities as NGIs as soon as possible, in EGEE times

  • This was not originally planned, EGEE SA1 planned distribution to ROCs

  • Proposal to get volunteer NGIs to go through the process, find issues and document them

  • Poland from CE ROC

    • Chezk republic will follow

  • Greece from SEE ROC

    • Serbia and Turkey will follow

SA1 Coordination Meeting - 15-Dec-09 - CERN


Sites must volunteer for staged rollout

  • Software moves into production after staged-rollout

  • Sites (& communities) need to agree to be early deployers & then to use the software before OK for wider deployment

    ROCs need to contributing effort for testing and deployment of the operational tools

  • Experimental establishment of NGIs within ROCs slow

    Regionalised views may be sufficient

  • Regionalised deployments of less interest as little/no project funds available

    The non-establishment of and associated staff

  • Where Global tasks hosted by partners transition proceeds

  • Where activity/leadership goes to there are issues