confucianism legalism buddhism and taoism in china n.
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Confucianism, Legalism, Buddhism, and Taoism in China PowerPoint Presentation
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Confucianism, Legalism, Buddhism, and Taoism in China

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Confucianism, Legalism, Buddhism, and Taoism in China - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Confucianism, Legalism, Buddhism, and Taoism in China. Confucianism. Founded by Kongfuzi (Reverend Master Kong)- became Westernized into Confucius About 500 BCE Family is the center of all social relationships. Confucianism.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Founded by Kongfuzi (Reverend Master Kong)- became Westernized into Confucius
  • About 500 BCE
  • Family is the center of all social relationships
  • Five Basic Relationships: Ruler-Subject; Father-Son; Husband-Wife; Older Brother-Younger Brother; Friend-Friend
  • Reverence for the past and ancestors
  • Reciprocity (Negative Golden Rule)
  • Based on the premise that humans are, by their nature, evil creatures
  • Government power is needed to force obedience
  • Severe punishment of wrongdoers
  • Sharp contrast with Confucianism
    • Confucianism focuses on internal motivation, while Legalism focuses on external motivation
buddhism in china
Buddhism in China
  • Offered an escape from the suffering of life on earth
  • Promised salvation to the good and punishment for the wicked
  • By giving up desire, one can reach nirvana
buddhism in china1
Buddhism in China
  • Entered China during the first century C.E.
  • One of the few influences from outside China to have an impact on China
taoism basic beliefs
Taoism - Basic Beliefs
  • Founded by Lao Zi
  • Civilization is corrupt and has too many artificial rules
  • People need to return to simplicity and nature
taoism basic beliefs1
Taoism - Basic Beliefs
  • Tao means The Way - attain the Tao through nature worship
taoism and chinese society
Taoism and Chinese society
  • The best gov’t is the one with the fewest rules (rules are artificial)
  • Confucian rules for society are useless because they’re artificial (not natural!)
taoism and the supernatural
Taoism and the supernatural
  • There is a belief in a spirit world
  • Spirits inhabit the world around us
  • Ancestors can have a strong influence on you and your relatives--remember dead relatives in a special way
taoism quotes
Relax and go with the flow

If you let muddy water alone, It will clear up by itself

A tree too big to stretch your arms around grew from the tiniest sprout

Water is the softest and weakest thing on earth.

Rock is the hardest and strongest thing on earth

Yet nothing’s better for wearing down rock than water

Taoism - Quotes
the yin and yang
The Yin and Yang
  • Harmony happens when they’re kept in balance
  • Yin - quiet energy, nightime, feminine
  • Yang - active energy, daytime, masculine