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Capability Set - Detail PowerPoint Presentation
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Capability Set - Detail

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Capability Set - Detail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capability Set - Detail. Bb Commerce Suite Capability Set by: System. Bb Commerce Suite Capability Set by: Stage. Bb Commerce Suite Capability Set by: Category. Bb Commerce Suite Capability Set by: Benefit. Meal Plan Administration.

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Capability Set - Detail

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    1. Capability Set - Detail

    2. Bb Commerce SuiteCapability Set by: System

    3. Bb Commerce SuiteCapability Set by: Stage

    4. Bb Commerce SuiteCapability Set by: Category

    5. Bb Commerce SuiteCapability Set by: Benefit

    6. Meal Plan Administration Offers robust administration of dining services through unlimited options for: • Accounts • Plans • Point of Sale selections • Menus • All of the other features required for effective meal plan administration

    7. Advanced Reporting Provides thousands of report configuration options. Samples include: • Net sales report • Audit report • Controller report • Stored value report • Product summary report • Credit card transaction report • Tax account report In addition, the system enables users to specify their own custom reports.

    8. Point of Sale Devices Supports a wide variety of wired and wireless point of sale devices including sophisticated point of sale register systems with detailed reporting capabilities. In addition to partner-provided solutions, Blackboard also offers a full line of Blackboard manufactured point of sale devices that represent some of the most durable in the market today.

    9. Native TCP / IP Card Readers Offers ease of connectivity as well as the security of fully encrypted data communication. These readers are easy to install, eliminating expensive wiring and services costs. Activity / Debit Vending Access Copy

    10. Micros Integration and Support Provides a scalable and robust Point of Sale (POS) solution with features designed for operational efficiency, advanced business analytics, maximum flexibility, and ease of installation and use. Integrated through Blackboard Building Blocks, MICROS POS devices can authorize and settle a purchase in real-time against a campus debit account.

    11. NCR Integration and Support Provides a touch screen point of sale system that offers a combination of features including new embedded technology, tool-free serviceability and maximum configuration flexibility. The NCR Point of Sale (POS) solutions operate Blackboard developed software for dining services and POS transactions and directly interface to the Blackboard Transaction System.

    12. Debit / Credit Account Administration Debit accounts are maintained for cardholders to access funds for purchases made on and off campus at card-accepting locations. The accounts can be replenished with funds through a variety of locations including self-service stations and staffed points of service. Credit capabilities provide institutions the opportunity to offer employees and others the ability to charge goods and services. Payment for these charges can be through payroll deduction or monthly statement.

    13. Copy Administration Allows cardholders to use the campus card and associated accounts to pay for copy services. In addition to providing cardholders with a valuable service, this capability enables the institution to reduce costs by minimizing waste.

    14. Vending Administration Enables institutions to effectively service the campus community through card-based vending. These services also provide the institution with increased sales revenues and reduce the inefficiencies related to cash handling on campus.

    15. Laundry Administration Allows cardholders to use the campus card and associated accounts to pay for laundry services. These services also provide the institution with increased sales revenues and reduce the inefficiencies related to cash handling on campus.

    16. IP Multi-Function Reader Reader devices can be required for many functions including purchases, access, authorization of eligibility, voting, etc. Blackboard’s IP Multi-Function Reader provides a single footprint and single device capable of meeting multiple needs on campus.

    17. Value Transfer Station / Card Management Center These stand alone, self-service stations allow cardholders to add value to campus accounts using cash and credit cards, as well as inquire about account balances. Visitors to the campus have the ability to purchase cards at these locations for specific uses, such as making copies or using campus print services.

    18. Integrated Network Print Management Offers print management that monitors, tracks, controls, reports and accounts for document output. Through Pharos Uniprint, institutions can effectively manage print services, resulting in tremendous cost savings and waste reduction.

    19. Event / Activity Access Administration Addresses activities involving managing authorization and registration of attendance for special events or regularly scheduled activities. Event / Activity Access Administration capabilities provide institutions with the ability to authorize access, record attendance and ensure accurate administration through reporting and updates. These capabilities are enabled through permanent devices placed in strategic locations for regularly scheduled activities as well as wireless readers which can take authorization services to events.

    20. Status Monitoring Enables the institution to effectively monitor door access throughout the campus using alarm monitoring and reporting as well as full door access logging by cardholder. In addition to these key capabilities, institutions are able to configure the monitoring to meet their campus needs through full override capabilities, support for different schedules by location and support for holiday schedules.

    21. Facilities / Door Access Administration Provides for controlling access to sensitive locations based on a variety of parameters, such as time, date and cardholder privileges. This application supports multiple plans to address the various needs to control accessibility for different areas on campus.

    22. Wireless Card Readers Allows the institution to expand points of service to encompass remote, non-wired locations. For example, special events that require approval for access are easily accommodated without the requirement for wiring.

    23. Video Imaging / Card Production Enables production of the campus identification card, the token used by institutions to access campus services. Integrated through Blackboard Building Blocks, the DataCard system creates a database that can be used in multiple locations by multiple users. The software provides the ability to correlate a photo image for identification card production and automatically link to the user account.

    24. Automated Secure Funds Settlement Settlement to merchants is secure and automated, eliminating the manual process of calculating merchant payments and issuing regular reimbursements for transaction activity. This process takes place on a daily basis and provides the campus with complete ACH-based settlement without manual intervention. To support the settlement process, institutions receive detailed reports and online account access to the transactions database to assist in account reconciliation. Monthly University Reconciliation Report Monthly Merchant Statement

    25. Automated Royalty and Fee Payment All payments for royalties and transaction fees from merchants are automatically calculated and deducted from merchant settlement. Campuses receive these royalties on a daily basis though a deposit to a designated financial institution. Both institutions and merchants receive detailed transaction and fee reports.

    26. Off-Campus Merchant Recruitment After completing local market research, Blackboard actively recruits merchants in and around the institution for participation in the off-campus merchant program. Merchants typically include local restaurants, grocery stores, movie rental stores and gas stations. Blackboard completes the entire recruitment and acquisition process, from approaching the merchants to negotiating the transaction rates and executing the contract.

    27. Card Program Marketing Assists in marketing the off-campus merchant program to students and parents. Working on behalf of the institution and participating merchants, Blackboard cost-effectively highlights merchant participation, specials and on-going benefits of the off-campus merchant program. From design and creative through execution and fulfillment, marketing services include e-mail, web sites, merchant signage and collateral. Brochures Newspaper Direct Mail Campaigns E-Mail and Web

    28. Terminal Deployment and Management Participating merchants can choose to purchase or lease their terminals. Blackboard manages the initial terminal deployment process, including the merchant welcome kit. Merchants requiring additional support can call the Blackboard 24–hour help line where a team of transaction terminal experts is always available to help with technical difficulties, billing inquiries, or terminal repair.

    29. Online Account Management Provides cardholders with a web-based interface for managing their universal account. In addition to viewing their balance at any time, cardholders can deposit funds to their accounts online using a major credit card. They can review account statements that comply with the Regulation E standard as well as view records of same-day transactions. Finally, they can report their card as lost or stolen without having to visit the campus card office.

    30. Integrated Credit Card Payment Gateway Enables institutions to accept credit cards payments (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) for purchases as well as campus account deposits. This capability enables institutions to cost effectively process and settle these transactions through Blackboard.

    31. Web Broadcast Announcements Provides campus departments with the tools to easily distribute information to students, faculty and staff throughout the campus community. These announcements can be easily updated and maintained over time through the online interface by the subject matter experts – without requiring knowledge of HTML or web development tools.

    32. Web Surveys and Opinion Polls Offers campus departments the ability to quickly and easily gather information and feedback from their campus constituents. Through the easy to use web interface, non-technical users can develop online surveys and polls on the fly, gathering valuable insight in a cost-effective way.

    33. Community Building Tools Enables the institution to more effectively collaborate and communicate with different campus constituencies. These tools enable campus departments (for example, dining services, resident life, parking and transportation, etc.) to develop their own campus community sites to distribute content, communicate important information and collaborate, through an easy to use online environment.

    34. Multi-Institution Branding and Management Facilitates separation of multiple institutions, departments, or groups on one Blackboard server. For example, Dining Services, Alumni Affairs and the Student Association can each be given their own domain and the ability to manage and brand their domain with the appropriate look-and-feel, including different colors, logos, tabs, modules, and channels. System Administrators can assign management of portions of the system to individuals and groups, enabling different constituencies to independently manage their own content and configuration.

    35. Web e-Commerce with Shopping Cart Provides an online storefront capability and allows administrators to create multiple online stores. For example, the campus Chemistry Department can have one online store that sells equipment and supplies needed for labs and Campus Parking can have another store that sells parking passes. This capability enables the creation of a unified online campus shopping environment where account holders can pay for goods and services with both their campus accounts as well as their credit cards.

    36. Customizable Product Catalog Campus merchants can build their own product catalogs and tailor those catalogs to specific sets of users. For example, alumni might be interested in certain goods and services while parents of students may want a totally different type of product.

    37. Multiple Vendor Inventories and Order Fulfillment Campus vendors can manage their own inventory and fulfillment processes. Vendors enter available product quantities and update quantities as new inventory is available for sale.

    38. Blackboard Building Blocks Blackboard’s data and system integration capabilities, enabled through the Blackboard Building Blocks architecture, allow institutions to integrate campus back-office systems as well as third party systems with the Blackboard Commerce Suite. The leading providers of bookstore, parking, print management, Point of Sale and other campus systems integrate their platforms with the Blackboard Commerce Suite through Blackboard Building Blocks.

    39. Multi-Site Single System Capabilities Institutions operating multiple locations have the ability to offer the same services to all campuses from a single system. These capabilities include support for multiple sites within one physical campus or locations across the state or country.

    40. SIS / Bookstore / Library Interfaces Supports a core technology schema that enables third-party system integration and interoperability designed to readily allow secure information exchange between Blackboard and external systems. Clients can connect to all system on campus seamlessly for more efficient campus operations.

    41. Standards Compliance Compliance and interoperability with industry standards is a fundamental capability of Blackboard’s platform. Blackboard is a strong advocate for industry standards including data encryption and security (AES, SSL and Twofish), authentication (LDAP, Kerberos, etc.) and safety (Underwriters Laboratory). • AES Transaction Data Encryption • Transaction Integration Encryption • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) • Blowfish Data Encryption • Bookstore Integration • Parking System Integration • Library System Integration • Student Information System Integration • Card Production Integration • Wireless Device Integration • Underwriters Laboratories (UL Listing)

    42. Powering the Network Transaction Environment