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“Paperless” Collaboration: Full Text Linking Efforts PowerPoint Presentation
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“Paperless” Collaboration: Full Text Linking Efforts

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“Paperless” Collaboration: Full Text Linking Efforts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Paperless” Collaboration: Full Text Linking Efforts
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Presentation Transcript

  1. “Paperless” Collaboration: Full Text Linking Efforts Cara S. Kaufman CSK Communications SSP Seminar: Paperless Publishing 8 March 2000

  2. Full text linking • PubMed Central • E-Biosci • BioMed Central • Cross Ref • Ovid Technologies, Inc. • HighWire Press

  3. PubMed Central

  4. PubMed Central • Expansion of US government’s PubMed • Launched 11 February 2000 • Posts free, full-text, peer-reviewed life science articles • HTML, PDFs, references linked to PubMed, figure sizing • Supports supplemental • Data tables • Streaming video • High-resolution images

  5. PubMed Central continued... • Participation from ~12 journals • Delayed posting • Advisory committee • Coming in next few months • Direct links from PubMed search results to full text of articles in PubMed Central • Development of new search engines • Support for new scientific publishing models (eg., electronic-only journals)

  6. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Molecular Biology of the Cell British Medical Journal 9 more journals by Q2 2000 Biochemical Journal Canadian Medical Association Journal Five journals from BioMed Central Frontiers in Bioscience Nucleic Acids Research PubMed Central participants

  7. PubMed Central continued... • Industry Standard • “Elsevier planning to team up with Science, Nature, and 9 other publishers to set up competing site” to Pub Med Central • PubMed Express • Non-peer-reviewed, article preprints • Stalled, per David Lipman, due to lack of interest from scientists • Other preprint servers launching • BMJ/Stanford • The Lancet • Santa Fe Convention (open archive initiative)

  8. E-Biosci European-based global website for scientific literature

  9. E-Biosci • January 2000 meeting in Heidelberg • Plans to launch Europe-based global website for scientific literature • $3 million budget • Endorsed by • Research organizations • European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO/Frank Gannon, Executive Director); European Science Foundation; European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) • Commercial publishers • Elsevier, Springer, Blackwell, and Nature • European Commission

  10. Life sciences portal Apparent (initial) compromise on barrier-free access, or publisher-decided Publishers cooperate to form single full-text searchable site Site for all abstracts in science more complete than PubMed Peer-review essential Decentralized network versus centralized hosting Pan-European linking information-technology infrastructure linking existing electronic libraries such as DIMDI in Germany and INIST in France Avoid US monopoly on scientific archive but collaborate with NIH E-Biosci proposals

  11. BioMed Central

  12. BioMed Central • Current Science Group • Vitek Tracz, Chairman • 30 journals

  13. BioMed Central • Mission • To publish research reports in the biological sciences and clinical medicine • Peer-review, barrier-free access, “most efficient service” • To leverage PubMed Central’s prestige to build community of scientists who will use BioMed Central to publish their research • To use customer base for new model of sci-commerce • Information services, database management, lab equipment

  14. CrossRef

  15. CrossRef • Collaborative reference-linking service • Announced Q4 1999; to launch Q1 2000 • Linking >1.3 million articles across thousands of journals, with >.5 million articles being added each year thereafter • Enhances browsing, allowing readers to gain access to logically related articles more easily • Not-for-profit organization • Jointly formed by member publishers, incorporated as Publishers International Linking Association, Inc. (PILA) • Ed Pentz, Executive Director (former Electronic Business Development Manager, Academic Press)

  16. AAAS (Science) Harcourt Health Sciences Am Institute of Physics Am Mathematical Society Am Psychological Association Assoc of Computing Machinery Blackwell Science Cambridge University Press Elsevier Science IEEE Institute of Physics Kluwer Academic Marcel Dekker Nature Oxford University Press Portland Press Royal Soc of Chemistry Springer Taylor & Francis Thieme Verlag University of Chicago Press John Wiley & Sons World Scientific CrossRef participating publishers

  17. CrossRef key events • Member publishers submit info about their journal articles to CrossRef database • Live reference links appear as member publishers use CrossRef to add links in their journal articles to other publishers’ content • Users will see, click on, and follow the links directly to the content • Publishers control access (ie, free or pay-per-view) to their content

  18. CrossRef continued… • No visible CrossRef interface • Run from a central linking facility operated by PILA • Utilizes Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to ensure permanent links

  19. Ovid Technologies, Inc.

  20. Ovid Technologies, Inc. • Established 1988; Wolters Kluwer company 1998 • Partnerships with 60 different publishers • 350 full text journals • Major society and other highly cited journals • Many dating back to 1995 • 100 databases • Online books

  21. Ovid subscriber services • Barrier-free from any journal • Fully searchable; sophisticated search fields; natural language processing • Reference links to Ovid Medline for abstracts and full text for articles in database • Online-only content

  22. Ovid publisher services • International institutional sales team; marketing • Customer service • 24 x 7 technical support • Permanent archive • Royalties

  23. HighWire Press

  24. HighWire Press • Established 1995; unit of Stanford University Libraries • Publishing services for scholarly societies as publishers in science, technology, and medicine • 181 journal sites; ISI Web of Science • Major society and other highly cited journals • “Natural concern in economics of providing high-quality research material to their user community”

  25. HighWire Press member/subscriber services • Barrier-free • Fully searchable • Reference links • To PubMed for abstracts • To full text for articles in database (forward and back linking) • Pay-per-view • Online-only material; data supplements • Online ahead-of-print

  26. HighWire Press publisher services • Customer service • 24 x 7 technical support • Newly announced permanent archive • Fledgling institutional marketing • HighWire Marketing Group • Royalties

  27. Issues for publishers and customers • Offer unique, competitive new services on demand • Collaborate with competition but support brand loyalty • Maintain, build new revenue streams • pay-per-view • debit account • Manage partnerships over solo development • Control online technological development, maintenance, and production costs • Benefits of increased reach vs. problems of multiple versions