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Healthcare Ministry Basics for Leaders PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthcare Ministry Basics for Leaders

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Healthcare Ministry Basics for Leaders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthcare Ministry Basics for Leaders. Ethical and Religious Directives. Course Plan. Application to My Role. Moral Instincts ERDs. Jesus’ Ministry. Catholic Social Teaching. Our Ministry. Church. Sponsorship. Purpose of Directives (in Preamble).

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healthcare ministry basics for leaders

Healthcare Ministry Basics for Leaders

Ethical and Religious Directives

course plan
Course Plan


to My Role

Moral Instincts




Catholic Social Teaching

Our Ministry



purpose of directives in preamble
Purpose of Directives(in Preamble)
  • To affirm ethical standards and norms
  • To provide authoritative guidance
  • To serve institutionally-based Catholic healthcare
  • To provide professionals, patients and families with principles and guides for making decisions in any setting
intended audience in preamble
Intended Audience(in Preamble)
  • Sponsors & trustees
  • Administrators
  • Spiritual caregivers & chaplains
  • Physicians & healthcare professionals
  • Patients, families & surrogates
general format
General Format
  • Divided into six parts covering six major areas of concern in Catholic health care
  • Each part divided into two sections:
    • An Introduction in the form of a narrative, providing a biblical and theological context
    • Followed by individually numbered Directives addressing specific issues
the parts
General Introduction,

which explains the basic reason for Catholic healthcare (addressed by

this course)

Part One: The Social Responsibility of Catholic Health Care Services

Part Two: The Pastoral Responsibility of Catholic Health Care

Part Three: The Professional-Patient Relationship

Part Four: Issues in Care

for the Beginning of Life

Part Five: Issue in

Care for the Dying

Part Six: Forming New Partnerships with Health

Care Organizations and Providers

The Parts
limitations cautions
Limitations & Cautions
  • The Directives do not provide ready answers for every moral dilemma
  • They are not an exhaustive summary of the Church’s moral teaching
  • Their application to a particular case may require consultation with individuals who have theological competency
limitations cautions1
Limitations & Cautions
  • Some may be tempted to interpret the Directives more narrowly or loosely than warranted by the Church’s moral teaching
  • Different valid conclusions about what to do in a given case can sometimes occur
  • Directives may be revised as Church teaching on unclear or uncertain moral matters is clarified at an authoritative level

1) Break up into six groups, one for each of the six parts of the ERDs

2) Read silently the Introduction to your part of the ERDs

3) As a group identify several key ideas or points in the Introduction

4) Prepare to present your findings to the whole group

link with mission values
Link with Mission/Values?
  • Mission:

Catholic Health East is a community of persons committed to being a , transforming, healing presence in the communities we serve.

  • Values:

Reverence for Persons Community

Integrity Justice Courage Concern for those who are poor


reflection and dialogue
Reflection and Dialogue
  • How was this discussion on the Ethical and Religious Directives helpful?
  • What part of the ERDs do you find to be the most challenging/difficult?
  • To whom would you go in your organization for more clarity?