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Photo editing PowerPoint Presentation
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Photo editing

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Photo editing
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Photo editing

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  2. Jetpx Services Photography is now a very lucrative profession. It began with a simple idea of science which involves capturing images with a tool called photograph. As technology advances, the sophistication of photographs also advances. Today, technology has given birth to top notch photographic tools which are used in taking pictures. Photo editing is also a consequence of technology. It also began crude but today has become an industry on its own. Photo editing involves the use of photo editing software. The softwares are simply used in designing quality photos and giving them custom features which may make it amazing. Different tools and software applications have been developed for photo editing, a very common one today is Adobe Photoshop. This is a photo editing tool and software which can be used in producing amazingly great designs. Lots of customizable attributes, features, transitions and lots more can be added to photos edited with this tool. Photoshop is not the only software used in editing photos and producing custom effects, transitions and images. It is also possible to produce a caricature of a human face with photo editing software. Wonderful custom effects can be added to photos and in effect making the design top notch. It is even possible to take one’s head and body to different location, change the back ground entirely and even add a song at the background of the photo. Lots of things can be achieved with ease by leveraging photo editing software.

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