Enjoy Your Golden Years Without Pain
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Enjoy Your Golden Years Without Pain - Texas Cell Institute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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At Texas Cell Institute, we offer a pain treatment services, PRP therapy for knees, shoulder, hip, back pain, ankle treatment. Texas Cell Institute hires only the best accredited surgical staff, and keeps all medical areas fully sterilized to reduce the risk of infection. Call us at 972-668-9612 for more information and services.

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Enjoy Your Golden Years Without Pain

Making it to your retirement years and being able to enjoy some time spent with family,

traveling, or pursuing hobbies and passion

ns you never had time for, is quite an accomplishment. After working for your entire adult life to

raise a family and make a life for yourself, you deserve to be able to enjoy your golden years.

But with more than 45 million Americans suffering from arthritis, and the majority of those

being over age 60, chances are that your time now may be spent fighting to manage the pain in

your elbows, knees, hands, or other joints.

Why the Usual Advice Doesn’t Work

When a person is first diagnosed with arthritis, they’ll be given a series of typical advice for

managing the pain and (hopefully) delaying further loss of mobility. This advice usually


· Exercising the affected area often to keep mobility.

· Getting exercise in general, to stop the onset of other types of arthritis.

· Using hot and cold therapy to help reduce pain and swelling.

· Using over-the-counter medications to reduce pain.

In some cases, surgery or intensive physical therapy routines may be necessary down the road.

But none of these treatments actually work to help you enjoy your golden years, for one

important reason: they don’t address the cause. These treatments are only responses to the effects

of arthritis, which means they won’t do anything to keep the knees or elbows healthy long term.

A Better Way

At Texas Cell Institute, we offer a better way. While there is no known cure for arthritis, there

are some treatments that are so effective, they may as well be a cure. For example, with our PRP

therapy for elbow pain, Dallas retirees can actually experience a totally pain-free existence, with

much better mobility, in just a few weeks after receiving the PRP treatment. The same goes for

other areas of the body. We also offer PRP therapy for knees. Dallas retirees don’t have to suffer

through their perfect retirement years; instead, they can enjoy pain-free living.

What is PRP?

PRP therapy is a type of stem cell treatment. The plasma that is in your blood is rich with stem

cell platelets that help blood clot. This characteristic also causes damaged tissue to regenerate,

meaning that if you were to take some healthy plasma from the blood stream, and inject it

directly into the elbow or knee where the pain is caused, your body could replace old,

degenerated tissue, and effectively create a brand new joint.

While this may not be a total cure – whatever caused your original tissue to break down could

still affect the new tissue – most patients report after six to nine months that their knees and

elbows have never felt better!

Other Treatments

In addition to PRP, Texas Cell Institute also offers other stem cell treatments for chronic pain

conditions and arthritis. For example, bone marrow stem cell therapy involves withdrawing stem

cells from the bone marrow in a patient’s hip, and injecting those cells into the injured site.

None of these treatments are intended to be quick fixes to end the pain right away. In fact, you

may experience a heightened level of pain for the first day or two after the injections. But once

the body begins to regenerate the tissue with the new stem cells, the pain will fade quickly, and

you’ll notice better mobility and better strength in the joint compared to before the treatment.

Risks with Stem Cell Treatment

Elderly patients are particularly prone to infection in any type of medical procedure; however,

there are several things that make stem cell therapies much less risky. First, the injection is

derived from their own bodies, so there is little chance of the body rejecting the injection.

Second, there are minimally invasive surgeries or other procedures at work. In fact, PRP therapy

often takes less than half an hour from start to finish. Finally, Texas Cell Institute hires only the

best accredited surgical staff, and keeps all medical areas fully sterilized to reduce the risk of


Enjoy a Pain-Free Retirement

You’ve worked hard to get to your retirement years. You shouldn’t spend them in pain. If you

are experiencing knee, elbow, back, hand, or other pain, get in touch with us right away for a

consultation. Our office can be reached at 972-668-9612. While there are some cases in which a

patient would not be a good candidate for our services, most of the time, we can help you get rid

of arthritis pain once and for all.