Why You Need Simple Step For Wireless Printer
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Connecting a wireless printer is not very difficult process as users think about it. It is very simple and quick process for connecting a wireless printer https://goo.gl/dQEwOS

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Why You Need Simple Step For Wireless Printer

Connecting a wireless printer is not very difficult process as users think about it. It is very simple

and quick process for connecting a wireless printer. If you have little knowledge about

networking, you will be capable of setting up a wireless print server effortlessly. You should

need to follow some important steps given below:-

Collecting Information About Wireless Network:-

Firstly, you need to gather information about wireless network. Secondly, you need to collect

the information such as SSID that comprises of a series of character that helps to identify a

wireless local area network. Thirdly, you try to find out the channel number where two nodes

interconnect with each other. Fourth, what is WEP? It means wired equivalent privacy. Wired

equivalent privacy encrypts data as it moves from one point to another point through radio

waves. If you are unable to understand the setting of wireless printer, you should take dell

printer help for any kind of inconvenience.

Network Connection & Driver Installation:-

If you want to run a printer through your pc, you need to install a print driver. If you think that

you have more than one computer server, so you have to install the printer software on each

one. If you are facing any technical issue, you should hire dell printer support services


Connecting Wireless print server to Network:-

If you want to connect wireless print server to the network, you need to plugEthernet cable

connectors to LAN port of wireless print server. At the same time, you need to plug other

connectors to switch or router. Now you should connect the printer to network, so you have to

turn on the power button.

Information Verification & CD Installation:-

If your system has CD-ROM drive, you need to insert the CD and make sure that this computer

is now properly connected to network. You can see setup wizard windows and pop up. This

software will also detect the network. It also shows the server name and IP address. After this,

you will see a window pop up that is asking the information to verify the print server. It will

show network setting automatically and you can visit at next screen to see IP setting

information. If you are not able to know the exact issues about wireless printer server, you

must go dell wireless printer support repair immediately for quick solutions. Certified

technicians are available to help users anywhere in affordable charges.