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How To Manage Your Wikipedia Page PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Manage Your Wikipedia Page

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How To Manage Your Wikipedia Page - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chris Abraham will offer you step-by-step advice on how to openly and honestly manage your brand and reputation on Wikipedia while providing you with best practices that will keep you out trouble.

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How To Manage Your Wikipedia Page

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    1. Thanks for joining! A Step-by-Step Instruction On How To Manage Your Wikipedia Page Hashtag: #wikiman Twitter: @chrisabraham Google+: Facebook: LinkedIn: @chrisabraham #wikiman

    2. Your Speaker: Chris Abraham  Principal Consultant  Avid Blogger/Contributor: @chrisabraham #wikiman 2

    3. My Personal Wikipedia Philosophy  Shoot your inner used car salesman – selling, marketing, promoting, evangelizing, or persuading is strictly verboten  Wikipedia is a community first – all entries are byproducts the community of Wikipedians  You’re under 24-hour strict peer review  Citations speak for themselves period  Don’t try to do everything at once break it down  Don’t be attached to outcome you’re not in control  Don’t give up just because you’re challenged @chrisabraham #wikiman 3

    4. Who & What Should Be on Wikipedia? Because Wikipedia demands 3rdparty citations, not everyone can be on Wikipedia. I’m not on Wikipedia. So, unless you are already notable, you should either reconsider or start working on getting yourself some worthwhile earned media mentions. What or who should have its own Wikipedia entry? Literally anything that can be substantiated through a number of verified citations – this isn’t a popularity contest, it’s an encyclopedia. Become part of someone else’s page. If your project doesn’t warrant a page of your own, you can develop your brand on other pages. Think about becoming part of a bunch of other pages. Becoming part of Wikipedia is incremental so bide your time. @chrisabraham #wikiman 4

    5. Pros & Cons of Being in Wikipedia  Pro – universally accepted as an important part of “being someone” online  Pro – lazy journalists and writers generally rely on what they find out online about you – and Wikipedia is the first place they look  Pro – generally speaking, your Wikipedia page shows up above the fold on organic search  Pro – if there’s a link to your sites, the impact of a link from Wikipedia carries a lot of juice  Con – if you’re controversial, a douchebag, unkind or unfair, Wikipedia makes it worse not better @chrisabraham #wikiman 5

    6. Step 2: Become a Wikipedian  Register for your own account – your Wikipedia account is your own. You’re now a Wikipedian. It’s a lifetime membership, sure to outlast your current position. Yes, you can edit anonymously. Don’t do it.  Real name or nom de plume, it’s up to you – I joined Wikipedia at 9:42pm on March 11, 2005, as chrisabraham – and have indeed been in the doghouse myself. Most top Wikipedians have handles instead of their real names. It’s up to you. You build your Wikipedia rep on Wikipedia.  Put together a really nice user page – mine’s terrible because my first elaborate version was self- promotional so they even nixed my user page, so go neutral, informational, and factual. @chrisabraham #wikiman 6

    7. Wiki Markup Language 101  ==Category Heading==  ===Level 2 Heading==  ====Level 3 Heading====  [[Simple Link within Wikipedia]]  [[Exact Wikipedia page|what you call it]]  ``Italic`` & ```Bold```  <ref>References<ref> & <ref>{{Cite}}</ref>  {{External link|}} @chrisabraham #wikiman 7

    8. Wikipedia Rich Text Editor[beta]is Awesome  Yes, it is great! – but if you don’t learn WML you’ll get stuck @chrisabraham #wikiman 8

    9. Persistence is Always Rewarded!  Don’t let the Wikipedians intimidate you – they’re just doing their job and they’re really not just trying to make your life tough – though it really feels that way  Learn the rules and push back – if you believe you’re in the right, there are a number of ways to contest and appeal undos and deletions  The shifting sands – no matter what you do, the Wikipedians have as much ownership of your own content as you do. Most of the time, they improve pages in ways you cannot imagine; sometimes, they’ll reformat in a way that is just as good but entirely different – go with the flow.  Keep ever vigilant – turn on the email notifications! @chrisabraham #wikiman 9

    10. Final Words “Hugs not horns” – Chris Abraham “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” – Philo of Alexandria (or Plato or Ian MacLaren or John Watson) @chrisabraham #wikiman 10

    11. Contact Me Any Time Email: Mobile: +1 202-352-5051 Twitter: @chrisabraham Google+: Facebook: LinkedIn: TSMM: GroupHigh: Huffington Post: @chrisabraham #wikiman 11