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Student Card

Student Card

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Student Card

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  1. Student Card Registration 2014

  2. Student Card Overview • Student Card will fulfill the role of the previous card, but with a new functionality of a low-cost transactional account. • Confirmation of student Registration for the year of study • Form of identification verification on campus • Gains access to the institutions facilities through the barcode on the front of the Student Card • A safe way to pay for goods and services. • Using their mobile phone, students can recharge their prepaid airtime or electricity, request a mini-statement or account balance, as well as transfer money.

  3. Money is loaded onto a Student Card and the card can be used to withdraw cash at Bank Windhoek ATMs or pay with the card at Bank Windhoek POS devices or a Nam-mic POS devices at participating stores • Stores in various towns across Namibia can also pay out cash where ATM’s are not nearby • The Student Card is also a discount card, offering special savings at stores for students for Groceries, Accommodation, Taxis, Fuel, Clothing, Stationery and Airtime. Each time a student uses his/her card at participating stores they will get a discount which is deposited into their account at the beginning of each month.

  4. Photo of Student Student Number Student Name Course of Study Signature Panel Encoded Magstripe Polytechnic of Namibia 200514989 MR. B.B. FWAFWA BTECH ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING PART TIME STUDY: MAIN CAMPUS ENGINEERING Type of Card and Year of Registration Type of Study Campus Barcode for Access to Campus

  5. Student Registration • Students will complete a separate application form • Student will received their new Student Card as confirmation of the registration for the year and course of study • Nam-mic will verify the information on the application form that it is FIA compliant (Identity & Residence details) • Once the Registration is done the Student Card is issued to the student and we activate the card by issuing a PIN. • We activate mobile banking for student to be able to buy discounted airtime, or electricity or for account queries

  6. Student Registration

  7. Card and PIN Code Issuing

  8. Deposit value onto Student Card

  9. Pay for Products and Services

  10. Cash Withdrawal

  11. Money Transfer

  12. Student Card VAS & Account queries

  13. Financial Services

  14. Thank you