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NCCCF 2009 Symposium Brenda Babitz PowerPoint Presentation
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NCCCF 2009 Symposium Brenda Babitz

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NCCCF 2009 Symposium Brenda Babitz
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NCCCF 2009 Symposium Brenda Babitz

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  1. NCCCF 2009 Symposium Brenda Babitz

  2. Today More Than Ever • Gifts can make an even greater impact • Mature donors have mature stock portfolios • What we do and who we educate affects the market • Retrenchment provides opportunities • Stocks are only one portion of a prospect’s assets • Fundraising is 20% fact and 89% attitude: walk the walk!

  3. The more private philanthropy is emphasized, the more it sets expectations People give based on the relationships with the college Advancement must be viewed by college as an integral part of the institution Some Observations

  4. The longer the CAO’s tenure, the better relationship building Strongest predictor of giving: previous giving 10 % of getting is asking; 90 % is preparation Direct correlation between the number of advancement staff and amount of dollars raised

  5. Advancement staff are increasing involved in asking Philanthropy should be introduced first day students arrive Alumni who have participated in extra-curricular activities as students are more likely to contribute

  6. Prospects make initial gifts to test the waters Custom targeted appeals Impact of gift must be explained Giving circles: growing trend and opportunity Multi-year annual commitments are becoming more frequent Corporations are blending business with charity Information revolution supports accountability Philanthropy Changing

  7. Organized board Institutional goals and objectives Prospects and access to wealth Experienced staff and fundraising counsel Recognition opportunities Fiscal accountability Fundraising Readiness

  8. Your case for support • What is the opportunity? • Who is affected? • What is the proposed solution? • What difference will it make?

  9. Involve donors on committees Assure timely, personalized acknowledgements Educate donors on goals and strategic initiatives Highlight impact of contributions Welcome them in leadership groups Invite them to special Provide clear and concise financial reporting Deliver consistent and meaningful communications Stewardship

  10. Host new student receptions Establish an advancement scholarship Offer workshops on fundraising Invite student to speak at special events Ask them to board meetings Ways to Engage Students

  11. Serve on your foundation board Integrate alumni and development Have alumni on hand to greet graduates Welcome recent alumni to the alumni association Host an alumni Web page Recognize outstanding professional and personal achievement through an alumni hall of fame Ways to Engage Alumni

  12. Fundraising Stumbling Blocks • Minimal board commitment • Not enough prospects • Failure to seek outside counsel • Incomplete planning • Too high a goal • Failure to cultivate • Inexperienced staff • No culture of advancement

  13. Stay Out of Trouble • Monitor changes in federal and state laws • Avoid doing business with directors/ donors • Abide by donor’s wishes • Be transparent

  14. Give because they are motivated Give when they are involved Like to be asked Not offended by being asked for too much Influenced by who asks Like to know that their gifts are being used wisely Appreciate being asked for a specific amount More likely to upgrade with recognition Generally like the recognition that comes with giving It Takes A Whole Lot of People

  15. “It’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy, anyone could do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.”~Jimmy Dugan


  17. A Guide to Securing Private Support for Your Community College By Brenda Babitz Published by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education 2007 202.328.5900