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DPKO and DFS: An Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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DPKO and DFS: An Overview

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DPKO and DFS: An Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DPKO and DFS: An Overview
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  1. MPAC Induction Programme DPKO and DFS: An Overview Donna-Marie Chiurazzi-Maxfield Chief of Staff DPKO/DFS 12 April 2011

  2. Agenda • DPKO: Organization and Functions • DPKO / DFS Organigramme • The Office of the Chief of Staff • DPKO/DFS Senior Management Team • New Horizon Initiative • Global Field Support Strategy

  3. Office of Operations Office of Military Affairs Office of Rule of Law & Security Institutions Policy, Evaluation and Training Div. Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) OUSG / Front Office --------------------------- Office of Chief of Staff Police Division Africa 1 Division Peacekeeping Best Practices Current Military Operations Criminal Law and Judicial Advisory Section Africa 2 Division Integrated Training Service Military Planning Service Europe and Latin America Division DDR Section Force Generation Service Asia and Middle East Division Mine Action Service

  4. DPKO Functions Strategic direction, and political, policy and managerial guidance to all operations under its responsibility Integrated planning for new DPKO-led operations and coordinates strategies for the transition, consolidation and exit of existing operations Integrated Headquarters support to DPKO-led operations Specialist Support and Advice – Military; Rule of Law (including police); Thematic Advisors; Training and Security Contacts with the parties to conflicts, Security Council, General Assembly, troop and police contributing countries, and others to ensure effective and efficient mandate implementation

  5. DPKO/DFS Integration

  6. Office of the Chief of Staff

  7. Office of the Chief of Staff • Enable, direct and coordinate Departmental efforts to ensure effective integration and management of both Departments • A shared resource that delivers programme, resource and information management support • Leads cross-cutting and management reform initiatives • Delivers crisis management support • Offers security and safety policy support • Conducts public affairs initiatives to build a sustained knowledge and support for UN peacekeeping

  8. DPKO / DFS Senior Management Team USG/DPKO: Mr. Alain Le Roy USG/DFS: Ms. Susana Malcorra ASG/OO (Deputy): Mr. Atul Khare ASG/DFS (Deputy): Mr. Anthony Banbury ASG/OROLSI: Mr. Dmitry Titov MilAd: Lt.Gen. Babacar Gaye PolAd: PC Ann-Marie Orler Chief of Staff: Ms. Donna Maxfield Director/DPET: Ms. Izumi Nakamitsu

  9. DPKO / DFS Expanded Senior Management Team ESMT includes members of the SMT plus the following: Director Africa I Division: Ms. Meg Carey Director Africa II Division: Mr. Raisedon Zenenga Director ELAD: Mr. Farid Zarif Director AMED: Mr. Wolfgang Weisbrod- Weber Director FPD: Mr. Fabrizio Hochschild Director FBFD: Mr. James Mutiso Director LSD: Mr. Nabeel Arif Director ICTD: Mr. Rudy Sanchez Director Mine Action Service: (under recruitment) Chief of Office / SA - USG, DPKO: Mr. Peter Due Chief of Office / SA - USG, DFS: Mr. Paul Johnson Chief Situation Centre: Mr. Ian Sinclair

  10. New Horizon Initiative • Partnership in Purpose - Clear Political Strategy and Direction - Cohesive Mission Planning and Management • Partnership in Action • Faster Deployment • Clarity and Delivery on Critical Roles • Crisis Management • Partnership for the Future • Projecting Future Needs • A Capability-Driven Approach • Expanding the Peacekeeping Partnership • A New Field Support Strategy

  11. New Horizon Initiative:Key Areas of Interest to MPAC • Improving communication with TCCs / PCCs • Protection of Civilians • Capability-Driven Approach • Peacekeeping / Peacebuilding Nexus

  12. Global Field Support Strategy • 5 Year Initiative beginning in 2010 • Goal: Improve the quality and effectiveness of service • Move away from a mission-specific, silo approach to field support, to an integrated business model • Minimize footprint in mission areas • Enhance transparency and accountability