2018 latest updated seo rules for google ranking n.
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SEO Expert Services Best SEO Company in Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO Expert Services Best SEO Company in Singapore

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SEO Expert Services Best SEO Company in Singapore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEO Company in Singapore, we make businesses grow by leaps and bound. Our SEO Expert Singapore SEO, SEM, and SMM packages is to take your website on the

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SEO Expert Services Best SEO Company in Singapore

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greater dominance of mobile first indexing
Greater Dominance of Mobile-First Indexing

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Most probably your SEO Consultant has already briefed you up about the importance of mobile scalable content. If you have not invested in mobile-first indexing, then now is the right time to start. With more than half of the Google searches already being fired up from mobile devices, Google is up for giving more weight to content which fits and justifies itself on mobile platforms. In the coming times, it might not be shocking to see mobile indexing as the topmost criterion for deciding page rankings.

a crackdown on irrelevant guest posting
A crackdown on Irrelevant guest-posting

Link building is one of the major criteria used by Google to decide page rankings. Pertaining to this knowledge, many website owners are using the practice of article marketing. In the coming months, Google is expected to cross-examine the relevance of guest-posting and guest-blogging. To pass in this examination, ensure that all that you post on your webpage is relevant to your readers. Failing this criterion, your Google ranking may slip on the back benches. So, choose a SEO package which can offer you a legitimate web traffic in Singapore.

prevalence of artificial intelligence
Prevalence of Artificial Intelligence.

Gear up well because beating up the machine learning AI systems like Rank Brain developed by Google is not going to be easy. With ambitious projects like Google brain, the ranking algorithms are going to be even more complicated. The prediction rates are going to shrink for sure. In scenarios like these, the only hope for becoming theBest SEO Company remains in customizing your content to match and correspond well with the queries fired by users of the web facility you are working for.

voice search and featured snippets
Voice Search and Featured snippets

Voice searches are a thing now. With almost every 5thsearch on mobile being a voice search, the featured snippets may be the ones you would like to focus on instead of the top ten organic rankings. Featured snippets are mentioned on the top of Google’s organic rank list. Most of the voice search results are extracts from these featured snippets. So, as fast as the feature of voice search will expand, so will the rivalry between the featured snippets and organic listing. These snippets can be of a paragraph type, list type or a tabular representation. According to the recent analysis by a Top SEO Consultant, the paragraphs type featured snippets are talking more business currently.