acharya balkrishna s appeal to world n.
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Acharya Balkrishna's Appeal to World

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Acharya Balkrishna's Appeal to World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Acharya Balkrishna - I am confident that with our firm pledge and efforts, Ayurveda will transform the lives of peasants, laborers, farmers and will make the world prosperous in real sense.

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I am confident that with our firm pledge and efforts, Ayurveda will transform the lives of peasants, laborers, farmers and will make the world prosperous in real sense.

Ayurveda is still embedded somewhere deep into our hearts. In our routine life, our elders suggest to take celery or asafetida in case of stomach ache or gastric problem. In case of cold, cough or jugular related problem, we are advised not to drink cold water while tea made of ginger, basil, black pepper and honey is considered quite relieving. In case of injury or pain, warm milk with pint of turmeric powder is a time tested remedy since ages. All these suggestions given by the ancestors are the part of Ayurvedic culture and tradition.


Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev has exhorted that priority shall be given to the Ayurvedic system of medicine and treatment as most of the people still depends on it. This medicinal science is related to our farms, jungles and even kitchen. Still there is an apathetic attitude of some people towards it which is quite disheartening.

  • Today, allopathy is more in practice even for minor diseases and in such circumstances, it is a big challenge to make Ayurveda more accepted among the masses. But, now the time is changing and not only the policy makers of India, but people in rest of the world too are realizing the importance of Ayurvedic medicines. Who could have thought some years back that people with up-bringing in cosmopolitan culture would prefer bottle gourd juice or emblicaofficinalis (amla) juice over carbonated soft-drinks in the near future.

Ayurvedais the only effective option for us to keep healthy. One who practices yoga regularly, can keep always healthy. By practicing yoga one can get even victory over death. People of corporate and affluent families have embraced Ayurveda in the modern age. This is the success of the ancient tradition of seers.

  • It is a big challenge and responsibility to manufacture high quality medicines at bare minimum prices, preparation of cosmetic products with a mix of herbal products and other harmless ingredients and preparation of daily routine items and ultimate quality edibles. With all ultra-modern machines, advanced technology and standards based on traditional values and ideals.

The mother earth would be saved from getting poisonous by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the people would not consume poison in the form of edibles, small children would not be victims of cancer or kidney related diseases and would not die before the eyes of their parents due to consumption of intoxicants. Come, we seek your cooperation in building a prosperous and happy nation and the world.