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Acharya Balkrishna Felicitated At 6th World Ayurveda Congres PowerPoint Presentation
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Acharya Balkrishna Felicitated At 6th World Ayurveda Congres

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Acharya Balkrishna Felicitated At 6th World Ayurveda Congres
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Acharya Balkrishna Felicitated At 6th World Ayurveda Congres

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  1. AcharyaBalkrishna Felicitated At 6th World Ayurveda Congress

  2. AcharyaBalkrishna • AcharyaBalkrishna eruditely elucidated the experts and policymakers about the potential of Ayurveda in curing various serious diseases, later he was conferred with 'Certificate of Appreciation' for participating in the conference as chief speaker. • AcharyaBalakrishna is a great exponent of Ayurveda and a renowned botanist. He is also the co-founder of PatanjaliYogpeeth, Haridwar. Swami Ramdev and AcharyaBalakrishna started Patanjali with the motive to cure sick and needy people. Since the inception of PatanjaliYogpeeth in 1995, AcharyaBalkrishna has been doing extensive and dedicated research on Ayurveda. Today Patanjali spreads on 40 to 50 lakh sq feet constructed area where they service the humanity with Ayurveda and Yoga. It has biggest Ayurvedic OPD centre in the world which provides E.N.T, Dental and Ophthalmology treatment.

  3. Acharya Balkrishna • Amidst fervent environment and a congregation of more than 4000 exponents and scholars of Ayurveda and policymakers of around thirty countries the 6th World Ayurveda Congress was inaugurated by the Prime Minister NarendraModi at PragatiMaidan exhibition centre on Friday, November 07. Over 4,000 people such as delegates, industry leaders, health ministers, Ayurveda practitioners, educationists, students, scientists, drug manufacturers and promoters of Ayurveda from across the world were present in the event and they all appreciated the joint initiative taken by Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India in collaboration with World Ayurveda Foundation and the Delhi government under the inspirational guidance of Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

  4. AcharyaBalkrishna • On the closing day, people were eagerly waiting the much anticipated speech of AcharyaBalkrishna: the co-founder of PatanjaliYogpeeth and one of the strongest pillars in the world of Ayurveda. He came smiling gently on the dice and spoke straightaway from the heart, stressing on the focal theme of the convention 'Ayurveda and Health Challenges.' He shared his deep insight for the recognition and revival of the Ayurveda in the 21st century and said, "The central government as well governments of various states in India should focus on the promotion of the world's oldest way of treatment by establishing Ayurveda hospitals and research centres and must also explore rest of the world to ensure healthy living for seven billion people of the world."

  5. Acharya Balkrishna He further added, "Doctors should be encouraged to acquire ayurvedic education. Ministry of Health needs to consider proposing appropriate budget for setting up ayurvedic hospitals and OPD centres. With the support of the NarendraModi's government we are planning to create smart villages where ayurvedic centres will be set up to benefit the poor. In addition, the growth of Ayurveda will also help in improving the financial condition of our farmers as well."