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Blue Collar Computing

Blue Collar Computing

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Blue Collar Computing

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  1. Blue Collar Computing

  2. OSC introduced the idea of Blue Collar Computing at SC ‘04 Invited Talk - Towards a High Performance Computing Economy: Blue Collar Computing Presented by: Stanley C. Ahalt, Ph.D., Ohio Supercomputer Center Pittsburgh, PA, November 6 – 12, 2004

  3. Blue Collar Computing: A Force for Economic Development • The objective of the Blue Collar Computing Initiative is to provide small and medium sized businesses with easy access to High Performance Computing (HPC) expertise, software and cycles on a pay-as-you-go basis. • Use HPC for product and process design and virtual prototyping using modeling and simulation. • We believe that wide adoption of supercomputing can help put U.S industry back on competitive footing in the modern world economy. • Council on Competitiveness: "the country that out-computes will be the one that out-competes."

  4. Blue Collar Computing™“HPC for the Rest of Us” • Outreach • Training • Partnerships • Software Development • Research Some of our BCC Partners

  5. eWeld Predictor: Collaborative product between OSC and EWi The Goal: Provide design and welding engineers easy access to powerful Computer-Aided Engineering tools Real world Result HPC Engineering Domain Expertise MathematicalModels No steep learning curve “The engineer does not have to be an expert in both welding processes and numerical analyses in order to use the computational tools.”

  6. Application of eWeld Predictor: Oil & Gas Pipeline Design & Construction • High strength line pipe steels developed for arctic and deepwater transportation • Potential issues: • Low-toughness weld zones • Need for higher welding productivity in extreme climates • Blue Collar Computing: • Existing EWI process modeling framework for pipeline welding • Deployment in HPC environment for easier use and faster solutions Establish Ohio as the leader in materials joining and energy transport industries

  7. Outreach: OSC BCC work with PolymerOhio • PolymerOhio is an industry connecting and networking group that is focused on enhancing the global competitiveness and growth of Ohio’s plastics, rubber and advanced materials industry. • Emerging Technology Forums: bring new but practical technologies to polymer companies • OSC will present a ½ day forum in Sept. 2007 on BCC for the Polymer Industry

  8. Collaboration w/ Council on Competitiveness • The Council on Competitiveness is creating a “National Innovation Collaboration Ecosystem (NICE)” • The goal is to “enable companies, entrepreneurs, and individual inventors to innovate anywhere, with anyone, using any domain specific application running at any available HPC computing center” • Ohio will be home to the first NICE Regional Solution Center

  9. Web Surfers Programmers App Developers Tool Users Innovation Service Portalfor Never-Evers and Entry Level Users Commercial Resource Providers National ISP Resource registry and brokerage service. Regional Economic Development Initiatives NICE Resource Providers Computing Cycles Registryand ISV Licenses OSC Blue Collar Computing Network SuppliersRegistry NICE RP Center Data & Instrument Registry NICE RP Center Domain Expert Registry NICE RP Center Collaboration Spaces Registry Portal Client Services Registry NICE RP Center Portal Admin & Security Registry NICE RP Center

  10. HPC Wire Award • Received at SC06 Nov ’06 • “Best HPC Collaboration between Government & Industry”

  11. Blue Collar Computingin the news • Front page headline: Supercomputers don blue collars Columbus Dispatch,Jan 12, 2007 • Main feature in business section • “This is the industry of tomorrow. Our focus is to enrich the economy of Ohio.” - Stan Ahalt

  12. Contact Ashok Krishnamurthy Director of Research and Scientific Development Ohio Supercomputer Center Ph: 614-688-4803 Email: