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Regional Update 19 th September 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regional Update 19 th September 2009. Project Vanguard. what is Project Vanguard and why is it happening what’s the approach where are we at now next steps some high level initial survey analysis communications and engagement. The sports environment is changing.

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Regional update 19 th september 2009

Regional Update

19th September 2009

Project vanguard
Project Vanguard

  • what is Project Vanguard and why is it happening

  • what’s the approach

  • where are we at now

  • next steps

  • some high level initial survey analysis

  • communications and engagement

The sports environment is changing
The sports environment is changing

(Stephen Neal -

  • Crisis of purpose and leadership

    • NZ has changed but perspectives and attitudes of the 1960s are still strong

    • sport is in many cases “ungovernable” in any practical sense – trapped within its traditions, structures and parochial attitudes

  • Consequences for sport

    • inconsistent delivery at a local level

    • major revenue has been captured by private entrepreneurs

    • dependency on the taxpayer and gaming trusts

    • limited capability to support and grow grassroots

  • The goal of change

    • to create sustainable change – i.e. an organisation able to adjust more readily to its changing environment on an on-going basis

    • change is not just about structure although structure is an important enabler

What is vanguard
What is Vanguard?

  • approved motion at the 2008 AGM – “That the board appoint a sub-committee consisting of 3 board members and 3 nominated regional representatives to review the current regional structure and make recommendations to the board as to how this could be optimised.”

  • sub-committee has been established –

    • Board Allan Barrett, Mark Berge, Ron Clarke, Murray Coulter

    • Regions Humphrey Pullon, Selwyn Screen, Suzanne Speer

    • SPARC John Page

    • Executive Mike Byrne

  • the sub-committee has named the initiative Project Vanguard and Martyn Newman-Hall has been appointed as part-time project manager

Why vanguard
Why Vanguard?

In the tough financial environment of 2009, with increasing service delivery expectations, declining volunteer availability, and increasing cost and contention for pool space, is there a better way to be organised that maximises the effective use of our resources?

The intention of Vanguard is to understand the issues and to make recommendations as to how they may be solved or mitigated – and then implement agreed recommendations.

Why vanguard1
Why Vanguard?

Potential benefits –

  • improving delivery of swimming services to swimmers, coaches and clubs through better co-ordination and communication

  • increasing opportunities for swimmers through improved access to resources and competitions

  • maximising the benefits delivered from the financial resources available

  • capitalising on local linkages and identity wherever possible

  • maximising local funding opportunities

  • creating an aligned and integrated approach to service delivery across all regions

  • reducing administrative overheads and associated costs through a consistency of approach and removal of duplication

  • reducing the pressure on volunteer administrators

What s the approach
What’s the approach?

  • information gathering phase

    • clearly understand the current position and the motivation for considering changes

    • identify what challenges and issues exist across the organisation

    • confirm what’s working well and why that’s the case

  • options phase

    • prioritise the identified issues

    • create options to remove or mitigate the highest priority ones

    • agree which initiatives to actually proceed with

  • implementation phase

    • create an implementation plan

    • execute the implementation plan

  • review phase

    • confirm that the changes that have been made have delivered the expected benefits

    • agree any further initiatives to be implemented

Phase 1
Phase 1

where we are today







Club and region surveys

Analyse surveys

Club and region face-to-face meetings

Meetings with and feedback from other stakeholders

Identify issues and successes

Phase 2


Stakeholder engagement and communication

Club response by region
Club response by region

Overall, 101 of 179 clubs submitted a response – 56%

Members in responding clubs
Members in responding clubs

Overall, 65% of members are covered by the response but only 265 of those 12,629 are swimmers over 18

Changing club membership profile
Changing club membership profile

Current swimming members

Mis-match with annual report numbers probably due to non-registration of LTS swimmers

%age of clubs that have…

20.5% increase in members at responding clubs over the last 3 years

10,382 to 12,629

Top 3 club identified issues
Top 3 club identified issues

Weighted average of top 3 issues identified by the clubs

Top 3 region identified issues
Top 3 region identified issues

Weighted average of top 3 issues identified by the regions


Common regional constitution

Regional view

Club view

Common club constitution

Club financial information
Club financial information

How is your club managing to meet the demands of your members?

GST reg’d?

Incorp society?

Cost of getting accounts audited?

Accounts audited?

Communications engagement
Communications & engagement

  • regular emails and website updates

  • group and individual meetings

  • additional feedback loops

  • what else would you like?


Thank you