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The World of Business Travel PowerPoint Presentation
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The World of Business Travel

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The World of Business Travel

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  1. The World of Business Travel

  2. gIntroduction to AirPlus gAirPlus Payment Solutions gAirPlus BTM Portal gReporting facilities gInterfacing gImplementation gYour Company Advantages gQuestions and Answers

  3. gIntroduction to AirPlus

  4. The Company AirPlus is a leading international supplier of online solutions and card systems for the day-to-day management of business travel. Half of the top 500 companies in Western Europe count on our know-how to help optimize their business processes. More than 20,000 company customers rely on AirPlus for their in-house process management, thus saving considerable costs. Approximately 600 people in AirPlus develop new solutions and take care of the customers.

  5. The Company The company was founded in 1989 and reached 75 % market share in Germany after 3 years of existence. The strategic focus has been put on internationalization five years ago. Exclusive card processor for Lufthansa, Swiss, British Airways, TAP and Continental Airlines. Subsidiary in Austria with Diners and Austrian Airlines.

  6. g AirPlus payment Solutions

  7. AirPlus - Business Travel Management

  8. AirPlus payment solutions Company Accounts Corporate cards MIS AirPlus Information Manager

  9. AirPlus payment solutions AirPlus card products offer corporations a cost efficient payment and accounting system Reduced number of invoices, reduced costs Customised invoices -based on your company structure Improved data quality Insurance € 400.000 ‘on top of’ No investment costs Easy implementation process

  10. AirPlus payment solutions AirPlus card products offer the business traveler an efficient payment and accounting system -while you‘re traveling, but not only then. The COMPANY ACCOUNT - a highly competitive global accounting medium VISA and MasterCard products, with the broadest acceptance network worldwide The simple combination of the Company Account and a personal credit card creates clarity in the accounting of travel expenses Most flexible invoices - easy invoice management Optimisation of all payment and accounting processes for a business trip

  11. AirPlus Company Account Improved data delivery for total cost control. - Date of purchase - Cost centre - Passenger name - Project number - Date of travel - Personal ID - Airline - Department - Ticket number - Internal Code - Class - Accounting unit - Routing - Etc.... - Currency

  12. AirPlus Corporate Cards AirPlus card products offer corporations a cost efficient payment and accounting system Corporate cards: for car rental, hotel expenses, cash... National bank partners: respect for national card users patterns Work with the most broadly accepted cards Our partnership with local bank partners: a know how in terms of data integration from various sources

  13. AirPlus Corporate Cards Most flexible corporate card programme Company liability, personal liability or joint liability Individual or central billing Flexible billing and payment terms Integration with expense management systems available Online statements for individual cardholder 2nd half of 2004 Electronic statements available for data integration MasterCard and Visa

  14. g AirPlus BTM Portal

  15. gAirPlus Portal The AirPlus Business Travel Portal A platform with valuable information on Business Travel Management

  16. Discover the World of Business Travel!

  17. Overview of all containers

  18. Container: Credit Card Management Here you can see your invoice data

  19. Container: Credit Card Management Information including demo version of AirPlus Invoice Control!

  20. Container: Credit Card Management Analyse all business travel expenditure - online!

  21. Container: Administration Here you can register and administrate portal users!

  22. Container: Administration The Card Manager gives an overview of the Company Accounts which are assigned to you

  23. The advantages of the Portal at a glance Discover the World of Business Travel Transactions of the Company Account -before the transactions have been invoiced Platform to communicate with other Travel Managers Tips and tricks on Business Travel Management AirPlus Electronic Billing for download Download functionality (incl. Invoice Control) AirPlus Information Manager Extensive travel information

  24. G Reporting facilities

  25. AirPlus International Data Consolidation AirPlus Travel Data Warehouse AirPlus Company Account AirPlus Information Manager ACCN Cards Corporate Cards Other Corporate Card Providers, e.g. in other countries Data processing and international data consolidation

  26. Homepage of AirPlus Information Manager Mr. R.. van Geffen

  27. AirPlus Information Manager Management analysis system for airline expenditure Analysis on ticket and on coupon level Allocates the exact coupon value to each airlines according to the airline ‘Pro-rating’ method Designs hierarchical reports on various company levels Data on-line available Consolidated (multi-national) reports in EUR, GBP and USD The perfect tool for supplier negotiations and the management and steering of these contracts and travel policies Option to show flown DATA from BA and Lufthansa

  28. G Interfacing

  29. Cost savings with EDI invoicing Conventional dispatch of invoices mail dispatch preparation incoming registration enveloping check payment filing print of invoices mail (accounting) Electronic dispatch of invoices preparation of invoices dispatch receipt check payment filing Time savings through electronic dispatch Reduced work efforts Low error rate through machined reading Reduced paper consumption

  30. Electronic invoicing Formats offered by AirPlus for Company Account data LARS - AirPlus invoice set SARA and/or ATX- Special (AirPlus) travel expenses billing set for SAP EDIFACT - Electronic Data Interchange For Commerce and Transport XML -Extensible Mark-up Language CSV Format

  31. Electronic invoicing Formats offered by AirPlus for corporate card data Excel format ASCI format SAP FI and HR

  32. AirPlus - Business Travel Management Integration of invoicing data into z Within SAP Financials and SAP Expense Report Module, each transaction will be auto-assigned to the respective trip z Optimised processes due to automatic reconciliation z Unused tickets can be found easily è higher liquidity for the company

  33. Process today TE System Travel Expenses Financial System Travel Agency compares

  34. Process optimisation with SAP and AirPlus zeasy integration into SAP-Systems zusage of standard interfaces zno additional costs zelectronic invoices zdata delivery on a daily basis zflight transactions are matched to travellers zapproval by traveller himself zcost-centre related travel-budget zcomplete overview of the entire travel costs

  35. G Implementation

  36. Implementation Plan Definition of company’s requirements and implementation plan (invoicing structure and transfer methods, reporting levels) Processing of cards applications (approximately 10 days) Communication with and instructions to your travel agency Start usage of company account Roll-out of Corporate card programme Data integration of Corporate cards + Company account in AIM Training sessions of selected users on chosen software (2-3 weeks) Evaluation meeting on the achievements on a regular basis

  37. G Company Advantages

  38. Advantages for your company Gain on administrative costs Less administrative transactions (= less costs!) Electronic data delivery Improved quality of invoice data Choice of 9 fields for company specific data Optimisation of internal company processes Cost cutting realized by corporations: from 3 to 15 percent

  39. Advantages for your company Gain on travel expenses Documentation and analysis of all travel expenditures Full transparency of total travel expenditure Complete control on the travel policy International data consolidation Outstanding basis for negotiations -unique data quality Our focus is on your cost and expenditure cuttings

  40. Why AirPlus International ? The Complete Business Travel Solution Only organization that provides the UATP card concept on an international basis Independent and neutral Completely focussed on Business Travel Management Over 14 years of professional experience Proven international performance Electronic data integration

  41. A selection of the AirPlus partnership network

  42. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS We would be delighted to welcome your company as our account in The Netherlands. You can be convinced that we will do all possible to service you to your full satisfaction! AirPlus International Kingsfordweg 151, 1043 GR Amsterdam, The Netherlands Phone: +31-(20)-201 39 10 , Fax: +31-(20)-201 39 11 Email:,