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“ Emerging Markets for Social Casino ” San Francisco, July 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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“ Emerging Markets for Social Casino ” San Francisco, July 2013

“ Emerging Markets for Social Casino ” San Francisco, July 2013

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“ Emerging Markets for Social Casino ” San Francisco, July 2013

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  1. “Emerging Markets for Social Casino” San Francisco, July 2013

  2. Talking head today 44 years young, 2 great kids, Catalan with a Spanish passport, huge FC Barcelona (Barça) Fan, former Real Money guy, then airlines, now the the guy in charge at Akamon. Can be found on planes or pitching Akamon to anybody that listens VIÇENS MARTÍ

  3. So what is the idea again ? “Build a social casino gaming company specifically avoiding the most lucrative markets ( US, UK, Canada, Australia, staying initially mostly outside Facebook canvas and being late to mobile”. WTF ????

  4. The logic behind what we do at Akamon Where everybody went: US, UK, Australia “Neah,……. too crowded” First group of big markets: US, UK, Australia “Yeah,……. too crowded”

  5. We decided for an area that made sense to us…..

  6. It is much easier to compete when there is ……..

  7. Big market, overlooked Combined Akamon target markets : At least USD 500 Million, today, + RMG opportunity

  8. But how come ?

  9. So, what´s the score so far ?

  10. So, how are we doing ? ( May 2013 data) 2013 (year 2): US $ 16 M US $1.2 M MonthlyRevenue 4% to 9% MoMgrowthfor17months US $0,15 ARPDAU (allplatforms) Blended CAC US $26 LTV US $160

  11. Honored that the industry has noticed ……. AWARDS EVENTS

  12. But we feel we are only getting started

  13. But how ? Game Plan includes: Product, Platform, Distribution….and a few bold Bets…..

  14. 1) Games Traditional Games Social Casino Games ... ... We acquire players through local, culturally relevant, games and monetize them with social casino games.

  15. Understand the deep social and cultural traits unleashes production economies of scale…..

  16. Social Gaming does not necessarily mean Social Network.. I will kill you for actually saying that People in Latam still surf the “normal web”

  17. And everybody speaks about cross platfors but few do it… ·Single Sign-on ·Shared liquidity ·Common Currency ·Shared Social · Features = Today, Akamon´s games can be played synchronously between own portals, white labels, facebook canvas, and mobile

  18. 3)Distribution Akamonbrands Whitelabel Partners Deals, Deals and more deals

  19. Shake hands….. From 1st meeting to implementation: 60 days

  20. Make sure your customers can pay with systems they trust Establishing direct relationships with Payment systems is essential

  21. 4) Bold Bet: Brazil, know which market is the 1000 pound gorilla…. Yes! Brazil is that big. First market in FTD´s and traffic for Akamon after little over a year. Brazilians love to play and are willing to pay

  22. Let´s give Brazilians what they want and don´t have What game is that ? 500.000 Chips to the winner

  23. Jogo do Bicho: distribution via our best partner

  24. Jogo do Bicho: full cross platform roll out

  25. Be aware that everything will go mobile…… Millions of Brazilians will surf the web for the first time via a Mobile Device. (Probably a cheap Android tablet)

  26. So, go Mobile ( Brazil and everywhere else) 5 more games on Mobile in H2 2013

  27. And rip the benefits of cross platform 80% of Chips burned in our IOS Bingo Rider App are in fact purchased in our portals !!! …….. saving some extra cash in the process

  28. And have a vision of where your platform distribution will be…. Either Akamon transforms itself on a company with the above platform mix or its success will be a “Flash in the Pan”

  29. OK, and what about RMG ??

  30. Akamon´s core markets show a unique persctive on this… From a macroeconomic point of view and RMG perspective, S. Europe and Latam are naturally hedged: one is mature, the other one fast growth, one is heavily regulated, the other is still the Far West

  31. RMG in Latam is going quicker than most people think…. This site (with ) IGT product, is live and operating legally at the Federal Level today in Mexico

  32. And the expected effect in the other Latam key markets will be….. With a big middle-class being developed in real time in countries such as Colombia, Chile Peru (not to mention Brazil) governments need gaming tax revenue sooner rather than later

  33. And our assumption is that we will be somebody to talk to when interested about convergence in Latam…..

  34. But so far the ride to us is feeling like …..

  35. And while everything unfolds, let´s …..

  36. THANKS !!