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Alstom’s CCS activities. World Bank Workshop – CCS Perspectives for the Southern African Region. Mark Boneham Sales and Marketing Director – Southern Africa. Johannesburg , 1 st June 2011. 5. Alstom Clean Power strategy CCS – A reality today. Emissions CO 2 (Gt/y). Technological mix.

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Alstom s ccs activities

Alstom’sCCS activities

World Bank Workshop – CCS Perspectives for the Southern African Region

  • Mark Boneham

  • Sales and Marketing Director – Southern Africa

Johannesburg, 1st June 2011

Alstom clean power strategy ccs a reality today


Alstom Clean PowerstrategyCCS – A reality today

Emissions CO2


Technological mix


N° 1 nuclear*

& biomass


Realistic 2030 Target

Ref 2030

Alstom is the world leader in clean integrated solutions

* Conventional islands

Wind, solar & geothermal

N° 1 hydro

Efficiency: Plant optimisation & retrofit

First CO2 capture demo plant in the world


  • Update on CO2 capture within Alstom

  • CCS Parasitic Power and cost

  • CCS-Ready

  • CO2 Capture Systems

  • Conclusion

Technologies developed by alstom
Technologies developed by Alstom

CO2 capture technologies pursued by Alstom



(New + retrofit)

(New + retrofit)

  • Chilled Ammonia

  • Advanced Amines

  • Oxy combustion with Air Separation Unit

  • Chemical Looping Combustion




Chemical looping

Post Combustion

2nd GEN

DOE/Alstom WindsorUS – 3 MWth Chemical looping - Coal

AEP MountaineerUSA - 58 MWth Chilled Ammonia - Coal


Schwarze PumpeGermany - 30 MWthOxy - Lignite

Dow Chemical Co. USA, West Virginia Advanced Amines - Coal

Alstom BSF WindsorUS - 15 MWthOxy - Coals

Total LacqFrance - 30 MWth Oxy - Gas

2nd GEN

RFCS EU - Darmstad Germany – 1 MWth Chemical looping - Coal

1st and 2nd Generation CCS: Alstom status

Chilled Ammonia Process:Validation pilot - Montaineer

Mountaineer - Validation pilot - USA WV - AEP

  • Designed to capture & store 100,000 tCO2/year (flue gas from coal)

  • Captured CO2 will be sequestered into two wells on the plant property

  • Commenced engineering and permitting Oct07

  • First CO2 captured in Sept 09, injection started 1st of October 2009

  • Alstom responsible for CAP island, AEP responsible for utilities to/from CAP island and CO2 storage

  • AEP and Alstom working to develop commercial scale project (CSP) to capture 1.5 MTPY at Mountaineer facility

  • Plant availability raised to 85/90% since early Jan 2011

  • CO2 captured and injected near design values

Alstom’s Chilled Ammonia Process at AEP’s Mountaineer Plant

2nd generation chemical looping process technology overview
2nd Generation - Chemical Looping ProcessTechnology Overview


  • Solid oxygen carrier circulates between Air Reactor and Fuel Reactor: Carrier picks up O2 in the Air Reactor, leaves N2 behind and burns the fuel in the Fuel Reactor

  • Typically, Oxygen Carriers can be metal oxide or limestone-based. Alstom is developing both types


  • Avoids large costs and parasitic power

  • Captures CO2 at temperatures higher than the power cycle temperatures, eliminating thermodynamic penalty associated with CO2 capture

  • Uses conventional material of construction and fabrication techniques

  • Largely based on Alstom’s proven CFB technology

A Promising Break-through Technology

2nd Generation - Chemical Looping ProcessECLAIR – Prototype - Darmstadt

  • Chemical looping – 1 MWth MeOx Prototype - Coal

  • Main objectives:

    • Design and operation of a Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) 1 MWth prototype with coal

    • Assessment of technical, environmental and economical potential of CLC power plants

  • 48 months program:

    • Design of main components finalized in July 2009

    • Hot Commissioning started in October 2010

    • First tests with coal scheduled for 1Q 2011

  • Total budget: 6.5 M€ - RFCS Funding : 2.27 M€

  • Partners: TU Darmstadt, Chalmers, CSIC, SINTEF, Air Liquide, Vattenfall, Alstom

Just Inaugurated

Dedicated building Darmstadt University (Germany)

Air Reactor Oxidizer

Fuel Reactor Reducer

Alstom activity on demonstrations

1st and 2nd Generation CCS



2nd GEN

TCM MongstadNorway - 40 MWth Chilled Ammonia - Gas

Vattenfall Schwarze PumpeGermany - 30 MWthOxy - Lignite

AEP MountaineerUSA - 58 MWth Chilled Ammonia - Coal

DOE/Alstom WindsorUS – 3 MWth Chemical looping - Coal

EDF – Le HavreFrance – 5 MWth Adv. Amines - Coal

Pre-commercial Projects

NER300 appl.

NER300 appl.

Dow Chemical Co. USA, West Virginia Advanced Amines - Coal

Total LacqFrance - 30 MWth Oxy - Gas

Drax - SelbyUK - 426 MWe Oxy – Hard Coal

Vattenfall JänschwaldeGermany - 250 MWe Oxy - Lignite

Transalta Canada - >200 MWe Post - Coal

NER300 appl.

2nd GEN

NER300 appl.

RFCS EU - Darmstad Germany – 1 MWth Chemical looping - Coal

Alstom BSF WindsorUS - 15 MWthOxy - Coals

PGE BelchatowPoland – 260 MWe Adv. Amines - Lignite

AEP MountaineerUSA – 235MWe Chilled Ammonia - Coal

CET - Getica (Turceni)Romania – >250MWe Chilled Ammonia - Lignite

Selected by US DOE to receive CCPI Round 3 funding

Selected by Alberta and Federal Canadian funding

Selected for receiving EEPR funding

Chilled Ammonia ProcessValidation Pilot - Mongstad

Mongstad - Validation Pilot - Norway

  • European CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad

  • Flue gases from natural gas CHP plant and a catalytic cracker (refinery)

  • Designed to capture 80 000 t CO2/year

  • Amine-based posttested in parallel

  • Project schedule:

    • Engineering started June 09

    • Construction on going

    • Plant Commissioning complete: Q1 2012

3D Model of Capture facilities

Concrete part of Alstom's absorber tower completed (June 2010)

Advanced Amine Process: Field Pilot - Le Havre

  • C2A2 - field pilot - Le Havre - France

  • Designed to capture 25 tCO2/ day

  • Advanced flow scheme & operation validation

  • Flue gas: slipstream from 600 MWe coal plant (EDF host facility)

  • Project partners: EDF and Alstom. Alstom has a partnership with Dow

  • Project schedule

    • Overall 2010-2013 program

    • Test from Q2 12 to Q1 13 (one year)

  • No storage

  • French funding by ADEME

EDF 600 MWe coal power plant

(field pilot represented in orange)

Advanced amine process large scale demonstration belchatow
Advanced Amine ProcessLarge scale demonstration - Belchatow

Belchatow - Large scale - Poland - PGE

  • MOU between Alstom and PGE Elektrownia Belchatow

  • Large-scale CCS demonstration facility

  • Host facility new 850 MW lignite unit constructed by Alstom

  • 1.8 million tonnes CO2 captured and stored per year

  • Selected for funding from EEPR

  • Candidate for NER 300 Funding

  • Project schedule:

    • Engineering for permitting started Jan10

    • Operational in end 2014/early 2015

Belchatow Power Plant

Chilled Ammonia ProcessDemonstration project at Turceni

Romanian CCS Demonstration Project

  • Integrated CCS demo: 1.5 Mtpa CO2

    • Capture: 85% minimum capture

    • Transport: onshore pipeline, with tentative to use existing pipe route

    • Storage: deep saline aquifers (>800m) within a radius of 50 km

  • Developers-Operators:

    • Capture: Turceni Energy Complex

    • Transport: Transgaz

    • Storage: Romgaz

  • Technical Consortium:

    • Project Management and Technical & Financial Consultant: ISPE (Institute for Studies and Power Engineering)

    • Capture Plant: Alstom

    • Storage: GeoEcoMar, Schlumberger

  • Alstom awarded a feasibility study

  • Candidate for NER 300 funding

Turceni Power Plant4x330 MW


  • Update on CO2 capture within Alstom

  • CCS Parasitic Power and cost

  • CCS-Ready

  • CO2 Capture Systems

  • Conclusion

What we have achieved
What we have achieved


CO2capture rate

CO2 purity

Parasitic load [%] on net efficiency

We Energies Pleasant PrairieUSA - Coal - Chilled Ammonia



First commercial units will be at or below 20%


AEP Mountaineer USA - Coal- Chilled Ammonia




Dow Chemical Co. CharlestonUSA - Coal - Advanced Amines




Realistic limit

Vattenfall Schwarze PumpeGermany - Lignite & Bit. Coal - Oxy



Thermodynamic theoretical limit: assuming ideal separation and compression processes*


Pilot operation confirm CO2 capture works and performances are improving

*Theoretical limit assumes ideal separation and compression processes (110bar): isentropic, no losses

Cost of decarbonised power 1/2

800 Mwe net new Coal/CCS vs other decarbonised power sources - Europe



2010 prices

CCS Learning Curve

Work Ongoing incl peer reviews

2030CCS target line




Solar CSP

Solar PV





Source: Alstom



  • CCS cost will decrease through learning effect

    • Target: 15% energy penalty

  • No clear winner among CCS technologies

  • Competitive against any other decarbonised power,… from day one


Cost of decarbonised power 2 2
Cost of decarbonised power 2/2








in 2010




per kWh




Reference case






Hydro Mini

Hydro Large

Onshore Wind

Offshore Wind

Solar PV - Thin Film


Hydro Pump&Storage

PC Hardcoal CCS 2015

Solar - PV Cryst - centralized

Solar pV - Crist decentralized

Solar CSP - Troughs + storage

Source :






CCS even more competitive on gas than on coal !

- Wednesday, 20 August 2014 - P 17


  • Update on CO2 capture within Alstom

  • CCS Parasitic Power and cost

  • CCS-Ready

  • CO2 Capture Systems

  • Conclusion

Ccs ready


Scope: All coal-fired power plants


Use of world’s best practice low emission technologies

CCS-ready and

Commitment to retrofit that technology within five years of CCS being proven on a commercial scale


Scope: Recommendation for all coal-fired power plants

Implement CCS if it is economically and technically feasible

European Union

  • Scope: All combustion plants >300 Mwe (coal and gas)

  • Requirements:

    • Assessment of availability of suitable storage sites and technical and economical feasibility of CO2 capture and transport

    • Suitable space for future CO2 capture system if conditions are met

  • The UK has transposed the directive and requires CCS-Readiness

World Bank

  • Financing coal projects facing polemic/debates due to CO2

  • Looking at CCS readiness


A mounting requirement…

Capture ready study identified pre investments for future capture retrofit coal
Capture-Ready studyIdentified pre-investments for future capture retrofit - Coal

Waste Water Treatment System: foresee interconnection with power block WWTS

Optimisation of the cooling system recovery of heat in CO2 capture and compression

Electrical & Control Building:Extra space

Steam Turbine:reservations in turbine design for future steam extraction

Transformer Area: installing an isolated bus

Optimisation of the

Boiler heat transfer surfaces according Modifications

of heat load sharing

Provisions in arrangement planning

FGD: leaving space for upgrade

Stack duct:potential longer stack duct

  • Alstom Capture Ready solutions developed upon three pillars:

  • Early and substantial investment in Capture technologies development

  • Integrated power plant expertise (EPC supplier of turnkey power plant)

  • Component supplier experience (supplier of a major equipment in 25% of the worldwide installed power capacity)

Alstom schlumberger partnership
Alstom-Schlumberger Partnership



Combining two experts to cover the CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage chain


  • Update on CO2 capture within Alstom

  • CCS Parasitic Power and cost

  • CCS-Ready

  • CO2 Capture Systems

  • Conclusion

Wiesbaden acquisition

  • Status

  • Deal closed in August 2009 - formerly ABB Lummus

  • Rationale

  • Reinforces CCS development team - 111 experienced employees with full EPC capability

  • Significant references in Oil & Gas, refining & petrochemicals (especially in amines wash, compression, ..) suitable for CO2 Capture and transportation.

Alstom European execution center for CCS

Co 2 capture systems business rationale
CO2 Capture Systems business rationale

CCS business rationale

CCS R&D / Execution center, Knoxville, USA

  • CCS moving to another stage:

    • From small pilots large demos;

    • From technology validation industrialization & plant integration

  • Requires solid engineering & execution set-up

  • Qualitative gap in resources (e.g. chemical process engineering) needed to be addressed

  • Focus of resources on CCS projects, for successful execution (incubator model)

Oxy Labs Windsor, US

CCS R&D labs in Växjö, Sweden

CCS EPC execution centre


CCS Head-office Baden, Switzerland

CCS EPC execution centre Wiesbaden, Germany

A dedicated business unit


  • Update on CO2 capture within Alstom

  • CCS Parasitic Power and cost

  • CCS-Ready

  • CO2 Capture Systems

  • Conclusion


  • A portfolio approach of technology is needed: Renewables, Nuclear, Efficiency and CCS.

  • Retrofitable CCS technologies are a must to have: Post and Oxy-combustion

  • Alstom is currently developing CO2 capture technologies and is on the good path to go commercial by 2015. A dedicated business unit has been created to support this effort.

  • CCS-Ready: Alstom has both expertise and partnership to support on the entire CCS chain

  • Clear a stable business framework and regulations are needed for CCS to play its role along all other forms of decarbonised energy sources.

Alstom will be a key partner on the CCS value chain