synchronize google apps passwords with edirectory for free n.
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Synchronize Google Apps Passwords with eDirectory for FREE!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Synchronize Google Apps Passwords with eDirectory for FREE!!

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Synchronize Google Apps Passwords with eDirectory for FREE!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Synchronize Google Apps Passwords with eDirectory for FREE!!. Brad Rodgers & Matt Schlawin. Background. Google provides a free tool to synchronize Apps accounts with LDAP Google Apps Directory Synchronizer (GADS) GADS can sync passwords if passwords are stored as plaintext, MD5, or SHA1

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Presentation Transcript
  • Google provides a free tool to synchronize Apps accounts with LDAP
    • Google Apps Directory Synchronizer (GADS)
  • GADS can sync passwords if passwords are stored as plaintext, MD5, or SHA1
  • GADS cannot sync eDir or Active Directory passwords natively
  • Commercial products available to sync eDir & AD passwords
  • Novell users can use a free script to sync passwords to Google
what is gadspwsync
What is gadspwsync?
  • gadspwsync is a Linux bash script utilizing open source tools and Novell Cool Tools
  • gadspwsync retrieves the eDir password, SHA1 hashes it & stores the hash in an unused eDir attribute
  • Requires SLES, Universal Password, getpass Cool Tool, OpenLDAPUtils, OpenSSL, GADS
how gadspwsync operates
How gadspwsync operates
  • Retrieves a user’s password as a SHA1 hash with getpass Cool Tool.
  • Reads the eDir attribute used for GADS passwords.
  • Compares eDir password hash with GADS password hash.
    • If different or GADS password is blank, it writes the eDir hash to the attribute.
  • Repeat steps 1-3 for other users.
  • Launches GADS to sync with Google.
configuring gadspwsync
Configuring gadspwsync
  • Configure a Universal Password policy for the users being synced with Google Apps.More information about configuring Universal Password can be found at
configuring gadspwsync1
Configuring gadspwsync
  • Download getpass 2.1 from Novell’s Cool Tools website. Install and configure getpass and its prerequisites per the included documentation.getpass 2.1 can be found at
configuring gadspwsync2
Configuring gadspwsync
  • Install OpenLDAP2 Client Utilities and OpenSSL using YaST Software Management (if not already installed).
  • Install Google Apps Directory Sync.
configuring gadspwsync3
Configuring gadspwsync
  • Edit the /etc/openldap/ldap.conf file setting the following variables:HOST FQDN or IP Address of LDAP host PORT LDAP host port numberConditional: If the LDAP host requires secure bind (ldaps), see the gadspwsync documentation for more info.
configuring gadspwsync4
Configuring gadspwsync
  • Create an eDirectory user (GADSPWSync in this example) and assign it a password. Assign this user the following rights at the tree level:NOTE: The carLicenseeDir attribute is used for the GADS password hashes. A different attribute may be used.
configuring gadspwsync5
Configuring gadspwsync
  • Edit the Universal Password policy assigned to the users granting the GADSPWSync user the right to retrieve users’ passwords:
configuring gadspwsync6
Configuring gadspwsync
  • Extract the gadspwsync script and its supporting files to a directory on the GADS server (/gadspwsync for example).
  • Edit the /gadspwsync/contexts.txt file. List the contexts to be searched for users listing one context per line. Contexts should be listed in LDAP format.

Edit the /gadspwsync/gadspwsync.shscript file. Adjust the following variables to suite the environment:

  • SCRIPTPATH – Path to the script
  • CONTEXTSFILE – File, including path, listing eDirectory contexts to search
  • LDAPSCOPE – Specify “one” or “sub” to search sub OUs or not
  • LDAPHOST – FQDN or IP address of LDAP server
  • LDAPURI – LDAP URI to LDAP server (ldap://LDAPserver or ldaps://LDAPserver)
  • LDAPBINDDN – Username, including context, for GADSPWSync user
  • LDAPPASSWD – GADSPWSync user password
  • GETPASS – Location of Getpass 2.1 Cool Tool
  • LDAPATTRIB – eDirectory attribute used to store hashed passwords for GADS
  • GADSCMD – Full path to the GADS sync-cmd
  • GADSCONF – Full path to GADS configuration file
configuring gadspwsync7
Configuring gadspwsync
  • Set the permissions on the /gadspwsync/ script file so that only the root user can read the file. From the terminal prompt:

chownroot:root /gadspwsync/

chmod 700 /gadspwsync/


Configure Google Apps Directory Sync per Google’s documentation. Set the Password Attribute field to the selected eDirectory attribute for storing hashed passwords (carLicense for example).

configuring gadspwsync8
Configuring gadspwsync
  • Schedule to run on a scheduled basis to synchronize with Google. Because calls GADS at the end of the script it is not necessary to call GADS separately. Edit the /etc/crontab file and add a similar entry (example runs daily at 3:30am):

30 3 * * * root /gadspwsync/ >/dev/null 2>&1

running multiple gads configs
Running Multiple GADS Configs
  • Locate the following lines at the end of the script:

# Exit script and run Google Apps Directory Sync

exit & $GADSCMD -a -c $GADSCONF

  • Replace the above lines with something similar to match your environment:

# Run Google Apps Directory Sync for teachers

$GADSCMD –a –c /opt/GoogleAppsDirSync/teachers.xml

sleep 30

#Exit script and run Google Apps Directory Sync for students

exit & $GADSCMD -a –o -c /opt/GoogleAppsDirSync/students.xml

  • Delete lines 35 & 36 near the start of the script:

# Full path to GADS configuration file


notes about gadspwsync
Notes about gadspwsync
  • Free – uses open source software
  • Does not rename Google accounts with username changes – limitation of GADS
  • In some trees [Public] can read all attributes exposing the SHA1 hash – test tree with LDAP browser and fix rights as needed
  • A password is stored unencrypted in the script config file – lock config only readable by root & the password of limited user
gads config notes
GADS Config Notes
  • LDAP Connection
    • Base DN – typically the Org (o=CESA7)
  • LDAP User Attribute
    • Server Type = Other
    • Email Address Attribute = mail
  • LDAP Extended Attributes
    • Given Name Attrib = givenName
    • Family Name Attrib = sn
what s on the cd
What’s on the CD?
  • gadspwsync Script
  • gadspwsync Documentation
  • This PowerPoint
  • Universal Password Documentation
  • getpass Cool Tool
  • Google Apps Directory Sync
  • GADS Documentation