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PSY 452 Invent Youself/ PowerPoint Presentation
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PSY 452 Invent Youself/

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PSY 452 Invent Youself/ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PSY 452 course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning from the course.

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PSY 452 Invent Youself/

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psy 452 ethical studies

PSY 452 Ethical Studies

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Within research, there are ethical guidelines and standards that need to be used within developing an experiment or study. These standards take form in principles that cover topics like privacy, confidentiality, APA ethics codes, intellectual property, and informed consent to name a few (Myers, A., & Hansen, C, 2006). It's vital that researchers do not violate these standards or cause harm to any participants. In this case, research can be halted, rejected, or deemed false. Past experiments have been seen to violate ethical standards where changes could have been made to instead result in upstanding and ethical replicable studies.PSY 452 Ethical Studies

psy 452 experimental critique

PSY 452 Experimental Critique

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Experimental Choices

It's important that researchers choose the best type of design experiment in order to have reliable and valid results. There are multiple methods to test and the number of variables can determine which one should be used. Two of these available designs are two-group and factorial (Myers, & Hansen, 2012). The two group would be the best

psy 452 nonexperimental designs critique

PSY 452 Nonexperimental Designs Critique

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Article Critique – Nonexperimental Designs

Within in the vast psychology field experimental designs are used commonly to research and find cause. When this type of design is used it must include one or more experimental groups and a control group. Randomly sampling and a variable

psy 452 television violence

PSY 452 Television Violence

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Television Violence

Violence is seen by those of all ages on a everyday basis through television. What categorizes an act of violence? Webster's dictionary describes it as “use of physical force as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy” (M. 2017). How violent are the television