Missouri communities web quest
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Missouri Communities Web Quest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Missouri Communities Web Quest. Rural. Suburban. Urban. An Internet lesson for 3 rd grade social studies curriculum. By Janna Elfrink. Your Mission.

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Missouri communities web quest

Missouri CommunitiesWeb Quest




An Internet lesson for 3rd grade social studies curriculum.

By Janna Elfrink

Your mission
Your Mission

YOU have been hired by the Missouri Department of Tourism as a consultant! Your job is to find a suitable city for families moving to Missouri to live, work, and have fun together. You will work in teams of three to research a rural, suburban, or urban community in Missouri to get families interested in moving to your community. You and your team will create a Power Point slide show to present to the director of the department about the community that you have researched. Good luck on your new job!

Missouri communities web quest

  • You will work in teams of three. Each team member will have a role in the web quest.

  • Task Master- Your main job is to keep everyone on task. You will report the to Director of Tourism for help or questions from your team.

  • Recorder- Your job will be to take notes about what you will include in your Power Point.

  • Researcher- Your job will be to organize your team to research web sites and gather information about a community.

  • Every team member will be responsible for creating a Power Point slide, and presenting that slide to the Director of Tourism.


  • After your team has been assigned a community in Missouri, you will work together to research the Internet for interesting facts and important information about that community. The recorder will keep track of the information that will be used in the Power Point slides on the community worksheet provided by the director.


  • Once the information is gathered, teams will complete a rough draft on a Power Point slide layout sheet.

  • Team members will each create a slide with a different piece of information about your community.

  • Once you finish your Power Point, your team will present it to the Director of Tourism.


1. Communities worksheet:

communities worksheet.doc

2. Definitions of communities:


3. Missouri Regions Map:


4. Communities Hotlist link:


5. Rough Draft of Power Point slides:

Rough Draft Template

6. Power Point Requirements:

Requirements worksheet

7. Scoring Guide for Power Point slides:


8. Scoring Guide for Group work:


Conclusion the big question
Conclusion: The Big Question

  • Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done! The Director of Tourism will give you a final job evaluation once you have completed The Big Question:

  • Compare your community with the other types of communities. (Rural, suburban, urban) Tell two ways your community is like the others, and two ways that your community different from the others. The Big Question handout