how to learn chinese characters in an interesting n.
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How to learn Chinese characters in an interesting way? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to learn Chinese characters in an interesting way?

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How to learn Chinese characters in an interesting way? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to learn Chinese characters in an interesting way?

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how to learn chinese characters in an interesting

How to learn Chinese characters in an interesting way?

In the practice of primary school classroom teaching, the teaching

of Chinese characters is both basic and complicated. It is the key content

of Chinese teaching. Based on the actual situation of Chinese education,

this paper elaborates on the correctness of expression and application of

Chinese characters in primary Chinese classrooms, Perspective and

thinking, with interesting learning methods to guide the pupil to help the

text of the study of culture.

The origin and development of Chinese characters are closely linked

with the civilization of our Chinese nation. It can be said that without the

Chinese characters there is no brilliant culture of our nation. Text

learning is also an important part of language learning, especially for

primary school students who have received primary education. However,

there are many ways of learning Chinese characters. For elementary

school, our classroom teaching should focus more on the fun of learning,

cultivating pupils’ learning interest and good study habits. This article

mainly talks about some of the interesting ways of Chinese characters in

primary school teaching.

One, the auxiliary tool of Chinese learning – hanyu pinyin

What is the Chinese pinyin vowel?

what is the pinyin initials

What is the pinyin initials?

How to learn Chinese phonetic alphabet

How do middle-aged people learn Hanyu Pinyin?

Since the Chinese government formally announced the Hanyu

pinyin scheme in 1958, the Hanyu pinyin scheme has been rapidly

promoted in China and the world. The “General Chinese Language Law

of the People’s Republic of China”, which was implemented on January 1,

2001, stipulates in Article 18 that “the common language of the country

adopts the” Hanyu Pinyin Scheme “as a pinyin and phonetic

transcription tool. The legal status of Hanyu Pinyin Act was established.

However, Hanyu pinyin, as the content of Chinese language education in

the elementary school of primary education, is crucial and indispensable

for the role of reading and writing.

At present, there are many ways of teaching Chinese literacy: focus

on reading, decentralization, “phonetic reading, reading and writing in

advance”, combining various forms of literacy, and so on. Either way, we

must learn Chinese Pinyin. Phonetic pronunciation of Chinese characters

note clearly, students can thus check dictionary, improve the ability of

independent study, but also improve the efficiency of literacy. If the

dictionary as a literacy stick then pinyin

dictionary as a literacy stick, then pinyin can be called “made of walking

stick wood”, we can see that the basic role of pinyin.

Test in the process of teaching, students’ mastery of Chinese pinyin,

so as to achieve the student can to memorization of phonetic textbooks

and reading of Chinese characters, to have learned pinyin of Chinese

characters, two-way learning. At the same time, in the process of

literacy, teachers can make colorful Chinese characters and use pinyin

teaching tools to assist classroom teaching. Pinyin literacy method is

helpful to the increased amount of student literacy, improve the literacy

level of solid, and can effectively correct local dialects, improve the

standardization of the Chinese text and the expansion of mandarin. This

method is suitable for the Chinese classroom in the lower grade of

primary school, suitable for the elementary school students who have no

written foundation.

Second, talk about the study of Chinese characters from the

structure and evolution of Chinese characters

We know that Chinese characters belong to the ideographic system

of text, glyphs and meaning are closely related, if we can make the

correct analysis of the body structure of Chinese characters, then for us

to understand and grasp most of the original meaning of Chinese

characters and extended meaning has a great help

characters and extended meaning has a great Help, suitable for

elementary and middle-aged students to learn Chinese characters.

We all know that the six in Chinese characters include: pictographic,

referring to, knowing, phonetic, turning, and under the guise. For some

Chinese characters, by analyzing the structure of Chinese characters, we

can get a better understanding of the phonetic meanings of Chinese

characters, and can easily master a series of similar structures. Teachers

can explain the meaning and shape, the students of the gradual and

progressive literacy, will be faster and better completion of Chinese

character learning, suitable for the Chinese style similar to the professor,

supplemented by the classroom blackboard writing, simple strokes form

decomposition teaching, so vivid and not inflexible. At the same time,

the shape of Chinese characters has been more than more than 3,000

years of history, experienced the Oracle, inscriptions, seal, official script,

cursive, regular script, cursive script seven stages, the historical

development of a long history. Encountered in the teaching of individual

difficult Chinese characters, teachers can also be explained from the

origin of the evolution of Chinese characters, the history of the study of

Chinese characters, can enhance the interest of students to explore

learning, stimulate the enthusiasm for learning.

Chinese character practical teaching method

how can foreigners learn chinese quickly

How can foreigners learn Chinese quickly?

Learn 100 Chinese characters in Chinese

How to make students learn Chinese characters easily?

Chinese character learning tips

Third, Chinese teaching and multimedia and gaming activities


In all senses, with the teaching activities, there are teaching

methods and tools, only at different times, and the various teaching

media play different roles in teaching. With the development of the

times, the emergence of teaching media such as slide projectors,

projectors and television sets has gradually replaced the traditional

books and blackboards and played a major role in teaching, assisting

teachers in delivering teaching information. The rapid development of

multimedia technology, virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence

technology is no longer a simple teaching method, it can also create a

variety of learning environment for students to improve learning

efficiency, as a cognitive tool for students to develop students’ thinking

Ability and ability to solve problems. Therefore, in the present teaching,

the media play an increasingly important role.

for primary school students cognitive ability

For primary school students’ cognitive ability and teaching content

and teaching objectives in primary school, it is necessary and effective to

use multimedia facilities in classroom teaching. There are two reasons:

First, the content of primary school teaching is relatively easy and simple,

the teacher has enough time for non-traditional multimedia teaching

demonstration; second, the characteristics of primary school students’

intellectual factors, their attention needs to be effectively concentrated,

and The use of multimedia teaching, is very lively and interesting,

students can watch video and audio, through vivid, vivid images, sounds,

sweet sound to change teaching scenarios, so as to achieve the purpose

of learning Chinese characters.

In the classroom teaching, the conditional teacher needs to prepare

the courseware beforehand, consummates own material, uses the

multimedia equipment, the teacher may carry on the display in the

multimedia to the traditional meaning teaching, may broadcast some

related Chinese characters teaching courseware. Including the origin of

the legend, the evolution of Chinese characters, the type of Chinese

characters, the meaning of Chinese characters, homonym, similar words,

extended to a variety of words, idioms, sayings, as well as in various

contexts in the application of Chinese characters.

teachers can make their own courseware resources

Teachers can make their own courseware resources or find

teaching videos, organize students to actively participate in teaching

activities, break through the boring mode of traditional teaching, use

multimedia presentations to arrange some interesting little word games,

literacy contest, Chinese characters group solitaire, and Chinese

character language display , So that each classmate into the learning of

Chinese characters in the classroom, so fun full reflected in the

classroom. This mode of teaching can infect students with concrete,

vivid and vivid images, impress students and enhance the efficiency and

enthusiasm of learning Chinese characters.

Of course, the application of multimedia also has certain limitations,

according to the specific situation we should specific analysis, when the

multi-media teaching can not completely discard the traditional teaching

mode of the fundamental teaching status. Always remember that the

application of multimedia is only a secondary teaching mode, it is not

practical to fully apply to all teaching, it is also very difficult.

In short, there are many effective and practical ways to apply

Chinese characters in primary school classroom teaching. However,

based on the direction of the new curriculum reform, we can see that in

primary school, fun can not be ignored. Teachers should pay attention to

the transfer of the overall classroom atmosphere, use various teaching

methods pay attention to enhancing the interest

methods, pay attention to enhancing the interest of teaching and

students’ interest in learning Study enthusiasm, and ultimately greatly

improve the efficiency of students to achieve the improvement of

students’ comprehensive ability. Make classroom teaching more exciting,

learning process more harmonious.

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