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Marketing for Providers

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Marketing for Providers. Catherine Titherington Voice Social Marketing. Welcome. Introduction Catherine Titherington Consultant – Voice Social Marketing Managing Director Social marketing company working in the Social Health Care, Public and Third Sector

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marketing for providers

Marketing for Providers

Catherine Titherington

Voice Social Marketing

  • Introduction
    • Catherine Titherington
      • Consultant – Voice Social Marketing
      • Managing Director
      • Social marketing company working in the Social Health Care, Public and Third Sector
      • Background Commercial and Social Marketing
      • Nephew Joseph the first person in the country to have his own individual budget


  • Overview – Scope of the task
  • Marketing – What and Why?
  • Opportunities – The “new” customer
  • Case Studies and Future approach


  • Plastercine
commercial and social marketing
Commercial and Social Marketing
  • What is Marketing?
  • It is not, selling, leaflets or a website
  • It is......
    • Delivering the right products and/or services to the right audience at the right price and right time and for a profit!
  • Social Marketing
    • The application of marketing concepts and techniques that result in exchanges with the achievement of socially desirable aims; that is:- objectives that benefit society as a whole.
why marketing is so important
Why marketing is so important
  • Why marketing is so important to the service sector.
    • Creates awareness of services
    • Differentiates services
    • It is a practical process that puts the customers needs first rather than the concerns of the provider.
    • A way of fitting our planning and implementation of services in a way that emphasises the needs of the customer, client or person in need .
    • Helps the organisation achieve its goals by providing customer satisfaction
  • Why does “marketing” have negative associations in this sector.
    • Seen as selling
    • Not previously needed – “our client is the Local Authority not the end user”
    • Associated with an intensely capitalist and commercial environment
    • Seen as irrelevant or inappropriate to this sector
new government agenda
New government agenda

Coalition - Programme for Government

Social care and disability

  • The Government believes that people needing care deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We understand the urgency of reforming the system of social care to provide much more control to individuals and their carers, and to ease the cost burden that they and their families face.
  • We will establish a commission on long-term care, to report within a year.
  • We will break down barriers between health and social care funding to incentivise preventative action.
  • We will extend the greater roll-out of personal budgets to give people and their carers more control and purchasing power.
  • We will use direct payments to carers and better community-based provision to improve access to respite care.
  • We will reform Access to Work, so disabled people can apply for jobs with funding already secured for any adaptations and equipment they will need.

the marketplace
The Marketplace
  • 27,000 Providers of Services in the UK majority with no clear USP
  • Lack of cross service commitment – Health and Social Care, Children’s and Adult Services
  • Lack of information and knowledge on new ways of working
  • Choice for customers – What is available – No clear platform
  • Decision makers – Who are they?
  • Budgets - Creativity v Budgets – B2B and/or B2C
  • Cluttered market place - Average person on receipt of over 3,000 marketing messages a day
    • In danger of information overload
    • Multiple channels of communication
    • Technological issues
the maturity curve
The Maturity Curve

Where are you?


Third Sector Organisations

Funded by “Block or Spot Contracts”

Constant delivery

Contract end

Engagement development


Not about quick wins

Develop new markets by effective strategies

Be in control of your own destiny

New revenue streams – B2B to B2B & B2C

New service development

Outcomes not outputs

Customer focused –means customer satisfaction

Opportunities ahead

self directed support
Self Directed Support

Collaborative Working

In groups identify your new target audiences

Prioritise them

Identify tools to communicate

Identify key messages

Task 2

voice research wants
Voice Research – wants?
  • Providers that give good value for money (not necessarily the cheapest) but most able to tailor to customer needs.
  • Honest approach, not just lip service to get the contract.
  • Listening and being accountable to the people using the service/families/friends /circle of support
  • Support Facilitators/Networking Connectors
  • A culture of Trust and Openness
  • Transparency around cost. Breakdown of hourly/sessional rate. (Personal Assistant p.h., payroll, admin, explain behind the scenes on costs…)What are we paying for?
  • Assurance of opportunity to be involved in all aspects of recruitment.(Job title, description, interviewing, team meetings, etc….)
  • Creativity and innovative ideas
  • Continuity and reliability of chosen team
  • Effective Staff support/ training relevant to individuals needs
  • Knowledge of local community
  • Providers working within ‘Standard’ guidelines.
  • Flat management structure/Local control
  • Sensible approach to risk enablement and effective safeguards (its not all about care regulations and policing etc…)
  • A can do attitude
Everyone is in the marketing team

Every aspect of a service has to be considered from a marketing perspective

From answering the phone to dealing with service users

It is not about the glossy brochure or sales

Your brand experience lies with everyone who interacts with it

So who are the exemplars?


We recommended:

Effective Planning

Focus on the benefits rather than features

Consistently refer to core values

Increase resources and expertise

Develop a new vision

Clearly differentiate yourself

First Steps

Identify and understand your audiences – Primary and Secondary

Develop user involvement groups for research

Use case study techniques to record outcomes

In-house training around personalisation/marketing

Shifting the focus of your message to customers

The Future

One day Training Session on 7th or 20th July

Provider Innovation and Accelerator programme

Benchmarking tool for Providers

Think Tank Live – Help influence change

Provider Marketing Network – Share best practice

Assistance with support or training around:-

Leadership and Strategy, Marketing, Person Centred Planning, Personalisation, Face to Face Marketing, Easy Read and Accessibility.

Voice Social Marketing 07828 395175

The Way Forward