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Exploring the Arctic PowerPoint Presentation
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Exploring the Arctic

Exploring the Arctic

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Exploring the Arctic

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  1. Exploring the Arctic By: Megan Hohman Edu 505

  2. Introduction • The Arctic despite being one of the coldest places on Earth, is also home to many interesting animals. Some of these animals can only be found in the Arctic.

  3. Task • Your job with your partner will be to first choose an animal from the teacher created list of Arctic animals. • Research your animal using the provided websites on the Resources page, taking notes as you go. • Use the information you find to create a presentation on your animal. • Your presentation may be a collage of pictures and facts, a powerpoint, or any other teacher approved presentation. • You and your partner will then share your presentation with the class. Remember everyone will be doing a different animal, your job is to become an expert on your animal, as you will be teaching your classmates all about your animal.

  4. Polar Bear Walrus Snowy Owl Arctic Hare Arctic Wolf Caribou Whale Musk Ox Arctic Animals

  5. Process • Gather information from resources provided for you. Be sure you have pictures and facts to include in your presentation. • Develop a creative, informative, and visually appealing presentation to share with classmates • Present findings to classmates

  6. Resources • (Just click on the link that takes you to your animal) • (Just find your animal and click on the link that takes you to your animal) • •

  7. Evaluation • You will be graded on three different areas of this project: • First- the notes that you and your partner take to create your project. Be sure to save everything you record. • Second- the visual portion of your presentation. How it looks-are there lots of pictures, facts, and it is put together in a creative way. • Third- the actual presentation. Are you and your partner prepared, knowledgeable, and confident in your presentation.

  8. Conclusion • Once everyone one has presented their animal, the teacher will hang your presentations in a designated area of the classroom where they can be referred to as you continue to study the Arctic and other parts of the world.

  9. Teacher Page • This webquest is aimed towards a fifth grade science class, but can be modified to use in other grade levels. • Visual for presentation rubric-Arctic Animal Poster.mht • Presentation rubric-Acrtic Animal Oral Presentation.mht • Visit the listed webpage for additional resources: