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Introduction to National Spatial Information Center. 2011. Office of Housing and Land National Spatial Information Center. Contents. I. Overview. II. Major Operations. Overview. Organization and Missions. Organization and Personnel Size: A total of Eleven (11) officers.

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Introduction to

National Spatial Information Center


Office of Housing and Land

National Spatial Information Center





Major Operations


Organization and Missions

Organization and Personnel Size: A total of Eleven (11) officers

Chief Administrator of NGIC (1)

Comprehensive Real Estate Tax (2)



  • Real estate related informational service

  • Onnara real estate portal web site

  • General affairs

  • Statistics on land ownership status nationwide

  • Assistance in CRET administration

  • National Land Information System

  • Distribution of Geospatial Information

  • KLIS System

* Chief Administrator of the Center (1), Secretary (1), Junior Official (2), Agent (5), Public Corporation Visiting Expert (2)



Principal Missions

Organize and operate NGIC

Collect, process and provide geospatial information

including land registration and real property

Release and administer geospatial information

Produce and manage basic statistics of geospatial information

Collect, process and provide CRET information




Dec. 2005: Establishment of Real Property Information Control Center (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)

Feb. 2008: Establishment of “National Land Information Center” under the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs as a result of the consolidation of geographic information of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation and land registration of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs.

May 2009: Adoption of new title of the organization, “National Geospatial Information Center” as a result of the reorganization plan of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs’ reorganization plan.



Legislative sources for establishing the Center and providing information

Statutory Sources for Establishment

National Geospatial Information Infrastructure Act, Article 18 (Establishment of National Geospatial Information Center)

Act on Topographic and Hydrographic Survey and Land Registration, Article 70 (Establishment of Exclusive Charge Organization for Land Survey)

Local Tax Act, Article 195-3 (Establishment of Exclusive Charge Organization)

Statutory Sources for Information Provision

Operational Rules for National Geospatial Information Center (Presidential Decree 21984, Jan. 2010)

Geospatial Information Industry Promotion Act, Article 6 (Provision of Geospatial Information)

Comprehensive Real Estate Tax Act, Article 21 (Provision of Tax Data)



Information in possession: 365,519 pieces



System operation status

Connection rate per day


System under operation

(4 sectors)

Main Services

  • (Supporting) Bogeumjari housing; criminal investigation, trial, and inspection; personality investigation on high-ranked government officer; direct subsidy to rice providers; comprehensive real estate tax; etc.

  • (service for general public) Finding ancestor’s land; statistics for land and housing; and smart phone service

1. National Land Information System

Supports services by the state, municipalities and public institutions in relation to geospatial information such as land, building, tax, etc. as well as service for general public

8,000 viewers

(capital and municipality government workers)

  • Services of issuing and viewing information such as: land use plan confirmation, certified copy of land (forest/field) registration; individual publicly declared land/housing price.

  • Internet registration and application of: approval of land transaction; real estate brokerage business; real property development; individual publicly declared land price; individual housing price; certified real estate broker; etc.

2. Korea Land Information System

Establishing nationwide geospatial information base including land registration map; conducting affairs on urban planning, valuation of land price; and service on customer issues

140,000 viewers

(municipality government workers and general public)

3. Geospatial Information Distribution System

Collecting publicly produced geospatial information to provide on-and-off-line

1,000 viewers

(government workers, corporations, and general public)

  • (Distribution with fee) Figure-based topographical map, land character map, land use status map, preservation area, etc.

  • (Distribution without fee) Forestry map, soil precision map, hydrologic map, etc.

  • (Disclosure of list) Discloses geospatial information produced and administered by the state, municipalities, and public institutions.

  • Price information (publicly declared land price, actual transaction price, publicly declared housing price)

  • Real property information (initial selling, zoning district, real property development information)

  • Public viewing of land use regulation and land use planning, at a request for confirmation

  • Real estate statistics

4. Onnara Real Estate Portal

Providing a map-based real estate information by lot number

30,000 viewers

(general public)



System Operation Overview and Structure Chart

NGIC System Operation

Provides real property information (policy, and personal information, etc)

National Land Information System

Operates and manages KLIS

Supports with CRET affairs

provides policy information, supports with CRET affairs

Prepares and announces land-related statistics

Distributes geospatial information

Real estate information, real estate price, actual transaction price, finding my own lot

Distributes Geospatial Information System

KLIS(Korea Land Information System)

Land registration customer issues, provision of land registration information, land registration map, zoning district map

Registration and release of geospatial information, figure-based topographic map, etc.




Major Operations


Major Operations

National Land Information System

Provision of real estate information: 98,083,000 parcels(Based on the information provided in 2010.)

Land ownership status (all administrative divisions); amount of CRET per person (the National Tax Service)

Land ownership status by household (BH, National Intelligence Service); current aspect of government-owned properties (the Board of Audit and Inspection)

Recipients of livelihood protection benefits (the Ministry of Health and Welfare); criminal investigation, prosecution, evidentiary materials for trial (the Prosecutors’ Office and Court); etc.


Major Operations

Distribution of National Geospatial Information

Information is distributed for an effective utilization of spatial information generated from the public and private sectors

figure-based topographic map; vegetation map

Geospatial Information Distribution Center

Utilization of information

State institution

State institution

Geospatial Information


provision of information

hydrologic map, satellite visions

Geospatial Information

Public institution

State institution

MAP Service


areal photos, land survey information

Private businesses

Private businesses

Consolidated information

thematic map

Market Place

POI, personalized advising

General public

General public



Major Operations

Korea’s Land Information System

Online customer service: Customers can make a request and confirm the result online on land issues (25 sectors)

Handles online service request from customers at home.

Real estate related approval or permission, or report and other customer issues requested and responded via the Internet service

Introduction of infrastructure for municipalities nationwide

(Approval of land transaction; Real estate brokerage business; Real property development; Individual publicly declared land price; Individual housing price; etc.)

Construction of GIS-based consolidated data base

Computerization of land related services

  • Visiting dispensed with customer convenience and administrative efficiency maximized.


Major Operations

Onnara Real Estate Portal Web Site

3D real estate service enables the customer to have a real view of the prospect building without the need to visit the place. (Dec. 2010)

Heights and colors are added to a 2D plane map to provide 3D information of buildings and structures that closely represent the reality.

3D Real Estate Map

3D Geospatial Information

Continuous Land Registration Map

Real Estate Information

3D Real Estate Map

  • Publicly declared land price

  • Actual transaction price of apartments

  • Basic information on land and buildings

  • Viewing upon customer’s request (book and registry)

  • Regulations on land use

Example of Benefits

A prospective buyer of an apartment may experience the perspective from the target property and configuration of neighboring buildings via 3D real estate map service.


Major Operations

National Land Information System

Comprehensive Real Estate Tax Support

Efficient administration over the most recent real estate and tax information

Administration over Basic Information

Construction of Household Information

  • Construction of data base for property tax (house/land)

  • Taxing error correction support and training

  • Verification for spotting defects in property tax data

  • Assist city, county, and province with verification for spotting defects

  • Requesting for and constructing data base of resident registration materials, family relations materials, income materials

  • Construction and updating of household DB

  • Construction and updating of taxpayer information

Tax Computation

Follow-up support

  • Assists and manages occasional changed amount

  • Supports with tax estimation

  • Supports with information on household and property tax

  • Creates statistics for policy making

  • Combined application of materials ruled out from aggregation

  • Aggregation of property tax nationwide for each taxpayer

  • Computation of CRET (house/comprehensive land/separate land)


Major Operations

Smart National Land Information System Operation

  • Land Information: location, parcel number, parcel category, area size, publicly declared land price, etc.

  • Building Information: name of the building, structure, usage, area size, number of stories, current aspect of each floor, etc.

  • Other Information: land registration map, zoning district, information on present position, accumulated google map information.

20 types of information such as parcel number and category, publicly declared land price, etc.

Public Administration and Security

General public

Communication Companies

National Land Information System

Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

Government workers

  • Number of viewers of Onnara: 9,530,000 (26,000 viewers per day)

  • Number of viewers of land (forestry) registry: 3,590,000 (9,800 viewers per day)

  • Land (forestry) registration map: 1,730,000 (4,700 viewers per day)

Cities, Provinces, Counties, Divisions

Number of viewers of Customer issues in 2010


Major Operations

National Land Information System

Provides support for state-sponsored project

Supports with public project compensation (as of July, 2011)

Provides support for handling customer issues

Provides support for CRET affairs

Provides support for making policies

Process of compensation for land reduced

1 day (based on one parcel)

less than

3 minutes

Provision of information for establishment of real estate policies

Reduce provision time 5 days to


Collection and automatization of taxing materials of municipalities

Reduce time 15 days to

instant processing

Viewing of personal land ownership status, wealth inspection of high-ranked government officer

Reduce time 3 days to



Thank You.

National Spatial Information Center